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au revois, AT&T!!!

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how exciting!

+Nate Tucker is the coolest person ever. he is super nice and doesn't write anything embarrassing when I left my Google Plus profile logged in at work.

holy shit lion is fast!

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creepy! i clicked the little red pushpin at the bottom-right of the box i am currently typing in and gave it permission to determine my location, at which point it immediately returned an address just 4 numbers away from my own. i'm guessing that it did this by looking at data from my wireless card and compared the wireless networks around me to known WLANs in Google's database. I can see my house on street view, so Google has mapped the wireless topology around me in passing and can figure that kind of thing out. I guess what I'm really trying to say is that I hope this was only possible due to my having allowed access to my computer's network card, an that my exact location is not that easily and/or specifically traceable by IP address alone!

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an unofficial google+ extension for google chrome... puts notifications right in your browser!

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