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Hey Brad, are you still Coking out with the money earmarked to pay your coders, or have you moved on to meth?  Do all your employees get their boxes with their welcome kit, or will they have to supply their own?

Matt Fowler

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Question: I'm getting into rabbits, looking to have 2 does and a buck in a backyard hutch for meat production.  I've gone with all wire 30x36 cages, but now need to build the hutch.

I've got plans for a 2 layer PVC pipe setup from, but would much rather start a single layer setup.  I can either redesign it, or just turn some of the T's into crosses and just adding another "center" section.  As a plus, I can then also just add a dropping catch-board and it'll be ready for a 2nd layer of cages if/when I get comfortable with that idea, giving 6 30x36s and/or 30x20 singles cages.

This plan doesn't have a slanting top roof though, that seems to be a design flaw.

How do folks feel about 1.5 inch pvc and tarp or semi-rigid/rigid plastic sheet roof as a setup?  Are you happy with it's stability and long term strength?

I live in the NW, so cold isn't really an issue (snow for maybe 2 weeks of the year, if it's a cold year), but rain protection is. I figure to add landscape cloth, burlap, etc to give gust and blown in rain protection.

Between the rain and urine, A wood setup doesn't seem so attractive (specially when the materials for the designs I'm seeing keep pricing out to the same as PVC)
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I think that you need to be able to take the doe out of the bucks cage with out hassle or injury (all party's involved)!! So I recommend a top opening cage for your bucks cage at least!!!! If its for personal production you don't need many cages so make the right ones first! Don't wast time or money on bad design. You can just zip tie a cover on the lid and have it overlapping the cage! Works great

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