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Danika Herrick
Maker of stuff, painter of things.
Maker of stuff, painter of things.

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the nitty gritty
This is going to be a lengthy one... Long time no blog.  I have attempted to post so many times, but its been so long since I've done a real post and a lot has happened.  I used to post all the time and I felt connected to the blogworld.  Then life got craz...

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How to Divide Spring Bulbs
   Who doesn’t love spring bulbs?  Year after year they signify the end of a long winter as their bold pops of color brighten the dormant landscape.  They require very little effort, simply plant in the fall and you will be rewarded with blooms for years.  ...

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Office Update/ I'm a Flake
  Its only taken almost two years, but my office is done. I know your thinking "Yeah, yeah... shut your face. You always say that." Really. I WANT to be done. Its been about 4 different colors, but I kept going back to the pale pink. So pale pink stays. I p...

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DIY: Faux Bamboo Moulding
I recently changed out the base cabinets of my office from IKEA Malms to new IKEA kitchen Sektion cabinets.  They are much deeper and offer a ton of flexibility with organization.  (I can do an entire post on them!) I also added a few homemade whiteboards u...

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New Patterns
Winter is just ridiculous here.  Boston is buried. This is my house... My kids have had more snow and vacation days this past month than school days. I'm a cranky shell of a human and snow is a four letter word.  And I have developed an unhealthy relationsh...

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Weekend Project- DIY Upholstered Headboard with Nailhead Trim
I have been busy redoing the boys’ bedroom.  One of the biggest changes was getting rid of their old wooden beds and switching over to upholstered headboards. The old beds were very durable, but not that comfortable.  I can’t tell you how many times they’ve...

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Super Easy Snow Storm Project- DIY Wall Texture
I got a little hut happy during one of the recent snow storms and decided to deck out the boy's room  with some wall pattern.  I was going to stencil it, but I was coming off a stencil bender and needed a break.  Instead I pulled out some paint pens and got...

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How to Design Your Own Stencil
I realized I've stenciled a ton of stuff on this blog.  I've even done tutorials on how to make complex pattern repeats.  I've just never done a basic post on how to design and make a stencil.  It is such an easy thing to do, and it allows you to quickly ad...

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Painted Faux Inlay Floor Border with Printable Template
I am a huge fan of painted floors.  They can transform a space with a big splash of color and pattern or simply add character by simulating an inlaid design.  I personally would paint my entire hardwood living area if it were up to me, but that would entail...

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Epic Sharpie Fail
Well heeeeey there!  Its been a while, I know! I kinda fell off the blogging horse and have been having a tough time getting back up.  I wish I had a fantastic story, excuse or mid-life crisis to explain my absence but I don't.   Just life, work, kids... sa...
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