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Confused about the different types of Google+ pages and which would be best for your business? Then check out the article below written by +Clayton Pritchard on our team for our client, +Atlantic.Net!
Google+ Local vs. Google+ Business Pages vs. Google Local Listing

Everyone knows that I'm a big supporter of +Google+,  but there are definitely a few areas that could use some improvement. One of those is clearing up what the difference is between Google+ Local pages, Google+ Business Pages, and a simple Google Local listing. However, in the mean time, I've written an article for +Atlantic.Net to help alleviate any confusion you have.

Find out the differences & which Google+ page is best for you:

Have you or someone you know been confused by the different types of Google+ pages?

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Hi all! We are new members of this Google+ community and just wanted to introduce ourselves. :)

We are +eComIQ, Orlando's most certified digital agency. We have 6 certifications including Google Business Photos, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Analytics Premium, Bing Ads, and Google for Non-Profits. You can find out a bit more about us on our website:

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about anything in those areas. We look forward to engaging with you all here!

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We've just claimed our new Google+ URL. You will now be able to find us at
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Central Florida's Most Certified Digital Agency

+eComIQ is Orlando's premier digital marketing agency with 6 certifications - more than any other agency in the Central Florida area.

Our certifications include Google Business Photos, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Bing Ads, Google for Non-Profits, and Google Analytics Premium.

Contact us today to find out how we can put our certifications to use for you!

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Google Offer: 10% Off Google Business Photos Services

If you manage or own a business in the Orlando area, this is one Google Offer that you'll definitely want to check out. Google Business Photos is a virtual tour of your business on Google and your website that has been proven to increase foot traffic to your business and thus revenue.

For more information about Google Business Photos check out

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Google Business Photos

Check out our newest service offering, Google Business Photos! It's a great way to show the inside of your business through a high-quality, 360-degree, interactive tour using the same technology as Google Street View. It allows customers and prospective customers to explore, walk-through, and truly experience your business using their smartphones, tablets, or computers from where ever they may be.

Learn more:

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