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La vita é uno stato mentale. Have fun ...always!
La vita é uno stato mentale. Have fun ...always!

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Radio Search Engine turns the world’s radio stations into a music... - - Condiviso da Taptu

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Halo is fantastic! Very usefull
Minor update for today

bubbles are nine-patch, they won't look garbled no matter which resolution
number bubbles look way  nicer
the background dim has been removed for this one until it is clear why it dimmed within some apps
clicking the pop up has been reworked, it wont jump to the top anymore
some overall style changes

there are a lot of known troubles still, this will take a while until its out of alpha but if you want to be on the bleeding edge you may try. this one at least starts to look right.

First one out is N4, the others will follow when time allows.

And as for the never ending and always repeating questions. Skip two posts back and you'll find a FAQ.

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Google guilty of infringement in Oracle trial What the future off Android

Kernel 3.4-rc6 id out. Really close to 3.4

Drive vs Dropbox. They can't buy them ..copy them.
Just a little changes for legally significant distinctions and enter in competition with the real innovator. Sound familiar? Sounds like 1990s and Microsoft anti-trust trial?
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