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eddy jacobsen
Philosophy, cosmology, science of Creation, Beauty of innocence
Philosophy, cosmology, science of Creation, Beauty of innocence

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Promoting Albums.........

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NAZIS in Norway....
They queued up to torture Paal Espen Jacobsen, state attorney Tor Axel Bush (sure he was around for a pussy bribe too, at the sadistic sickening witch), police (those scum who are destroying for real police/colleagues), psychologists, psychiatrists, journalists, politicians, teachers, Trond Augenson, Rød barneskole, Kråkerøy, Tormod Torp, Rød barneskole, Kråkerøy, Torill Olsen, Sellebakk sosialkontor, demanded local doctor, to write a fake sick-statement for Paal Espen, Dr, Kværnhusvik, (on my question why he had written this statement, he said; "Well she came here, Torill Olsen, and was so aggressive and shouted and screamed, and I have else to do than to write fake statments on healthy kids" - (she also murdered her collegue Harriet Johnsen; "Eddy I am so afraid of that woman; Harriet Johansen told me once") - Fredrikstad, police inspecteur, Liv Daa Gabrielsen, falsely circulated a wanted notice, about "kidnappping" on demand from the sick woman,Vigdis Andersen, Edvardsen, Jacobsen, (sluts have many names), - (psychiatrist Pål Abrahamsen, was sacked from several instituaion, including Beth Israel hospital in USA; professor Leo Eitinger, at university clinique in Oslo, sacked him at the spot, for drinking beer with the patients; at Gaustad hospital he was found fucking a nurse whilest on night duty)
This is NORWAY folks in the world, - do you still believe in the fucking myth about Norway having one of the best judicial system in the world.
It is not.
"I was about to shoot your little boy" ranted the police officer to the mother of little Jacob, at the time 3 years of age......the mother, Tone Larsen, fainted when she heard that rant from him.

Here you can hear her own voice when she tells a detective about it; the police officer wasn't even charged or suspened or worse; investigated for the threat to shoot her little boy!

This is Norway folks in the world......whereelse in the world would a police officer get away with that threat to a little boy of 3 years of age....nowehere of course!!

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Cover design to the planned CD Album, "Anna" - (Anna often said she wanted to be she might as well 4 of the songs definitely are so good and captivating that one filthy recording studio manager, trying hard to steal them........soon we will see what a judge has to say about it......)
He might not be used to persons like me - with detective background - are getting him to justice..........No, no, filthy pal, you did really miscalculate the POWER OF DEFENCE OF PLAGIARISM........... (One song in another song; bits and pieces stolen, assembled to a, no, no flimy will not succeed.........)

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Working intensively to comple the album CD - ANNA.....
(It's a huge project......good advices from music folks on the way.....critisism is very important)

Still lots of work to be done..........but I see the end of it shortly........

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Tender Love and Care CD - Album will be on this site......

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Cry - (cry Susanna cry)

Cry – (cry Susanna, cry) (94)
Cry baby, cry
We are all crying along with you
Cry, Susanna, cry
Don’t apologize
You have the rights to cry

Evil has struck
A killing spree
The free

We all know why
Everybody knows why

Angel Saffie
(Saffie Rose Roussos)
Monster allah came down from Hell and grabbed your life
Cry, baby, cry
Cry, Susanna, cry
Everybody cry

25th of May 2017

Vilmar Eddy Hilberg-Jacobsen
International; IPI 238948522

International song reg. numbers:
Work reg. no: (36973931)
ISWC no (T-921.448.000-9) Susanna Victoria Reid


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Searching music shops for a bridge that solved the adjustment of my Höfner, to get it in to perfect tuning again, was nowhere to be I had to D.I.Y. it.......
Bits and pieces from CASTORAMA, and micro surgery.........did the work.
Now in perfect tune - again.
Built by Höfner, Germany in 1961.....
The guitar has a really warm and full sound......
(I did put on a Gibson mic earlier, that added to its beautiful and rich sound)

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This is really, really shocking!! (But certainly the King's speech here has been massivly paraphrased by the cult Islam agent net-troll, Thomas Olsen, in the islamisation Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten) - but even so.....hailing this luvvie lefties populist CRAP of mix all peoples in the world, is shocking that the King even can defend it slightly.....
Translate: "Experts hails the Kings thoughts about "DELUTION OF NORWEGIAN CULTURE".


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THE AGE OF STUPID !!! (women want to excel their pussies!!!) - and THE AGE OF INTELLIGENCE........see the difference!
How a human being can come up with this TRASH!!!!!
(No wonder of the moral collaps in the world.........let a lone cult Islam is cutting clitorises off 1- year please their "god" - SOMETHING OF A "GOD" cult Islam has, he!!!
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