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Nick Eubanks
Web Strategist + Audience Developer
Web Strategist + Audience Developer

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Been working on this since before Google shutdown free access to #KeywordPlanner  and hence had to completely revamp it.

Now it's more timely than ever

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Latest post from +Traffic Safety Store looks at the #municipal  implications as well net effects of the partnership between +Uber and +City Pittsburg 

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Shocking - NOT Shocking

U.S.'s crappy roads are the biggest threat to the emergence and near-term success of #AutonomousCars   #selfdrivingcars  

Via +Traffic Safety Store by +Chris Giarratana 

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Google shut down free access to #KeywordPlanner , but don't worry - there are free and paid alternatives that don't rely on Google's data.

I've also found a way to get around Google's paywall

Find out more in my latest post

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A popular topic of discussion in my network is how to start mapping keywords to content and best leverage internal links to poach rankings. I run through my approach and some cool new tools I'm using to manage production.

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Well done +Robbie Richards - Execution on this post is top notch.

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I take a deep and honest look at sites crushing rankings (and traffic) using completely manufactured links...

Come share your experiences with the gray and filthy black side of SEO

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I sold my last SEO blog in September 2015 for $100,000.00.

At the time of the sale it had 47 blog posts, which is where $2,128 comes from – but in reality, of those 47 posts – I only wrote 35 of them.

The rest were written by guest contributors, so in reality I actually made $2,857 per post (that I wrote).

Not bad in my opinion considering my goal was never to make money from blogging…

Come find out what made it worth six-figures...
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