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Kimberly Avila
I think too much about thinking too much and then, I write.
I think too much about thinking too much and then, I write.


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Wild thing, come to me
I have the urge to run away  From dusk to dawn  Can you hear what I'm saying Do you know where the wilds things go? Give me your love  I want your life  While I cling to your lies  My body aches  Can you hear what I'm saying  Dusk to dawn head to toe My hea...

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When seeing more reveals even less
You're bitter  Words don't mask the sweat  I see you bask my words  But you try to hide instead  Of going with the flow  Like the kind of life you say you know  You say you're free  But I've learned to overcome  Any thing that's been done to me  I know you ...

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The days were unexpected affronts some catastrophic others less dramatic yet, all substantial and in the process it was always a continuation of powerful, disorderly emotion it was always in the borderlines of love and hate passion and obsessional seduction...

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You slept with skeletons  and I still wake up with dismissive attention  You beg for forgiveness  but you're being forgotten  you were too intoxicated to see  anything other than those desolated days you lived in time can only tell  but you're still draggin...

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Venomous silk;41316|
Shattered faith On broken wine glasses Emotions revealed in black and white Starting fights To keep the numbing out Listening to the white noise From frequencies of heart beats It's the sweaty palms That make it hard to hold on With eyes burning like fire T...

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Confessions on eggshells
I wanted to be with you  Until I really saw you, that is, until I let you in. And then, I realized  I didn't want to be your dream girl, The one walking on eggshells  within the yolk of all that I am,  all that I was, and will be  trying to be careful not t...

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El nino
I remember that night  The night it decided to rain  A thunderstorm you could say  We stood there in our own little paradox  An ice chest full of warmth  We latched on to each others ugliness  Because it was a friendly reminder  That even the ugly can love ...

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I would travel the world to find And I’d run with my dreams just to have them in time ”Yes, I’ll go over
but honey, what
did you have in mind?” What will you make me do? When we pass the time will we waste
it?   I’m okay with whatever comes from this. Throu...

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An aimless spirit, a lingering soul, one that doesn't let me sleep  One that raises many questions blurs the vision I use to see questions in which I
don't need answered  or can't answer           I
wasn't always this way  it was simply a dream  To live fre...

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Yes, No, Maybe so
For all of my dreams to come true, i’d crawl awake at night watching my thoughts, just like particles, fall  My parents instilled praying if I wanted a real change  so for a second I thought, damn, I may need to be saved through the binoculars you say I’m i...
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