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It is what it is, so of course I'll ship to Slovakia, but only Slovakia n USA.

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I know you think I'm blowin smoke, but fact is Pez Outlaw n the Asylum have Twice as many followers in Slovakia vs USA.

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Within USA shipping is free.
Slovakia will be + plus exact shipping.

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While that cat's away, we're gonna sell his shirts.

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Since Pez Outlaw is now Hold up in the Asylum, I'm going to sell his shirts while he's "otherwise engaged".
These are the shirts Pez Outlaw wore on his trips to Europe n other parts of the world during his Adventures.

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I'm going to try to avoid ebay by offering on facebook etc 1st.

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I will ship to USA n Slovakia only.
I loathe shipping outside the USA but out of respect for the support I've received from Slovakia I'm making them an exception.

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Selling Pez Outlaw's Shirts #pezoutlaw #hollywood
I'm going to sell the shirts I wore to Europe n other parts of the world as Pez Outlaw during my Pez Years.

I was hanging onto them in case they needed them for the movie, but after 3yrs of waiting.....

So anyway, as I put the Pez Outlaw wardrobe on ebay I will Archive it here also.
approx 30-40 shirts

all shirts are Vintage 1996ish

Johnny Blaze 2XL 
$50.00 each

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I no longer run from who I am or where I come from, I embrace it.
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