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Far Horizons CubeSat Mission
Adler Planetarium's first CubeSat mission project. Join us to orbit!
Adler Planetarium's first CubeSat mission project. Join us to orbit!


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I wanted to update everyone on our CubeSat mission development. As the deadline loomed for our first ELaNa proposal we hit a couple of logistical snags that would have made it a challenge to submit a strong proposal. Instead of creating a less than ideal mission plan, we decided to strengthen our bid for next year's cycle.

In the mean time we have a lot of great work to do that will only make next year's proposal that much more effective and we can use your help. We are currently developing a Ground Station at the Adler for HAB and Satellite communication and we are working on a special project that will get our feet wet with designing for orbital missions. (We should be able to make an announcement about that exciting mission next month!)

Thanks for all your help this past year and we look forward to all your work and brain power this coming year too.

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This is the place! We're beginning to put this together to be place to meet, check for developing information and find upcoming events related to the Adler CubeSat mission development. This should be well populated by the end of the week with all the info gleaned from last weekend's workshop.
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