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Pick-it 3D
A plug and play picking product at a fixed price.
A plug and play picking product at a fixed price.


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Save time in your #industrial #automation project with Pick-it. Watch this video to see how a complete #robotic bin picking application is built in less than 25 minutes using Pick-it!

#robotics #3dvision #returnoninvestment

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Pick-it 3D camera provides robot vision for Universal Robot to stack stamped metalsheet parts by DAIMLER AG.

--> Watch Video:

This video demonstrates CNC MACHINE LOADING of random overlapping 3D stamped metalsheet Daimler parts thanks to 3D vision camera solution. The pick-position of the metalsheet parts can be random. Also the height of the stack can vary. The place position is fixed to simulate machine loading.

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Pick-it™ and ABB robots work together in perfect harmony.
A europallet size gitterbox with random mixed cylindrical silentblocks is emptied by a retrofitted ABB robot.
Reflections of the silentblocks do not cause a problem for the Pick-it FLEX vision software system.

Watch the video:

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A mixed bin with steel billets is emptied using a magnetic gripper with a passive rotation joint.

This makes it possible to grasp billets with an inclination up to 35 degrees without the need to alter the z-axis.

A fixed z-axis makes it possible to implement a reliable and simple bin collision prevention strategy without the need for complex path planning and motion planning tools.

On top, the Pick-it vision software makes it possible to choose an inwards z-axis slope to enable picking parts that are at the side or in the corners.

More info:

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Watch Pick-it 3Dcamera provide robotvision to STAUBLI and binpick multi size boxes from a mixed bin.
The Pick-it FLEX vision engine can recognize various sized boxes with 1 single product setting. No need for re-programming different box sizes. Box dimensions and orientation are automatically deteced. Pick-it 3D robot vision made easy.

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FANUC LR Mate 200iD binpicking in action with a Pick-it 3D robot vision system. The metal parts are 3D shaped and the Pick-it camera detects the position and the orientation of the parts. Reflection is no problem for Pick-it 3D camera. No external lights are needed. Pick-it can work and see in the dark. Pick-it™ is a unique 3D robot vision solution that guides your robot to pick and place a wide range of products for various service applications: machine tending, bin picking, order picking, palletising, kitting and assembly

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We have multiple open positions for
Mechanical/Software Engineers eager to work on robotics and computer vision.

At Pick-it, we’re always looking to add talented individuals to our team. If you’re looking to join a team of passionate robotic ‘vision’-eers, looking for a fun, engaging, and technically challenging environment, Pick-it is the place for you. On our side, we look for :
Robot Application Engineer

send your application to :

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Pick-it™ is the 3D robot vision solution that guides your robot to pick and place a wide range of products. Pick-it supports all robotic applications: binpicking, machine tending, order picking , depalletizing, conveyor handling or kitting and assembly. Interface with ABB, universal robots, KUKA, FANUC, Staubli.

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ABB Benelux and Pick-it are proud to present the YuMi and Pick-it 3D robot vision to work together in automation harmony. ABB Yumi assembles parts from 2 random bins guided by Pick-it 3D robot vision system. With 1 camera 2 bins are viewed. Each bin has random products. Products are quite reflective, but this does not pose any problem for Pick-it 3D vision system. Before assembly an orientation check is performed also by the same 3D camera. Robot Vison Made Easy!

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Pick-it™, robot vision made easy

Pick-it™ is the robot vision solution that guides your robot to see, pick and place a wide range of products from bins, buffer tables, trays, conveyor belts, pallets and shelves. 

Our unique 3D vision camera application automatically detects the exact 3D position, orientation and dimensions of the products you want to be picked. Pick-it™ FLEX finds overlapping products of varying sizes, all colors matte and glossy and all materials also with reflective surfaces and keeps working even in changing and poor light conditions. 

Our intuitive graphical user interface is designed for easy programming on the work floor. 
Complex 3D picking challenges can be calibrated and set-up in 15 minutes without the need for a robotic programming language. Pick-it™ makes it easy to set up new products yourself and has no need for a CAD model.

The Pick-it™ robot vision system already integrates standard with UR, ABB, Stäubli, KUKA and Fanuc, and more robot drivers will be added.
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