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Radiation? Alcohol? Antarctic Horror? No problem, got it under control. It's all in the reflexes.
Radiation? Alcohol? Antarctic Horror? No problem, got it under control. It's all in the reflexes.

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The desire to make this my new primary luggage after the Hungry, Hungry Baggage Monsters tried to eat Araina's old bag is extremely tempting:

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Motherfucker. This, among several other "Fuck those OSHA pukes" practices where workers actively undermined the controls and monitoring that were helping protect them from the malfeasance of their employers, is something we've worked damn hard to stomp out in the US. Those construction guys proud of their high visibility shirts and vests? That's a culture flip in the US from just 15 years ago.

Gov't rad workers in the US got the religion about this during the early Clinton years as the "nuclear cowboys" were finally retiring/dying off and the culture shift was pretty quick. Industry was a little slower, but caught up within a few years.

Fucking Japan.

More things I never expect to type until after I hit enter: "Alright, I'll stop gushing on behalf of the Ohio History Nerd Time Travel Tourist Bureau."

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Because a tribute is important to share everywhere I can, here's a little something I wrote about Mr. Bill Shea who, sadly, is not long for this world.

This is all +Ariana Osborne and +Meredith Yayanos's fault. +Araina Hansen and I are TOTALLY going to have a STAEK DATE tonight.

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Bad, unacceptable, bad. No.


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This last weekend was consumed with Legos, coffee, manhattans and evaluating a DOE incident report for intimate detail, especially for things that were conspicuously not said. If you would like your "radiation safety professional for a day" test, please look at this picture and tell me everything you see wrong with it.


1) You are going to use this setup for handling experimental ZPPR (Zero Power Physics Reactor) nuclear fuel packages with a lot of Pu-240, Am-241 and their resulting fission products, all of which are fairly beefy gamma emitters.

2) Gamma dose rates were ~30rad/hr at 5cm from a typical fuel assembly. As a reminder, in the United States, your annual regulatory dose limit is 5rad per year.

3) The work operation to be performed involves opening the fuel assemblies to play with the plates within, with the very likely potential for releasing airborne particulates.

4) The mass of inhaled Pu-240 alone necessary to make a worker exceed the annual dose limit is ~1 microgram, a quantity that is not visible to the naked eye. 

5) Phil, without a trace of irony, banged his head on the desk, yelling "NO! You have to be shitting me!" when first shown this picture..

(NOTE: the people in the picture are Important People looking at this room before work actually began to make sure that taxpayer dollars were well spent.)

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It is nice to see traditional executions for the deadly sins put to rigorous scientific testing. Ladies and gentlemen, the NIH rolling like Torquemada for SCIENCE!

FUN FACT: Polyester is a bad idea in nuclear power plants relative to certain radioisotopes. Static electricity may lead to pants confiscation.

I received several tales from the 1970s of gentle, but firm, distracting and redirecting senior utility executives away from reactor rooms. There was nothing to be done about regulators and their fashion sense. 1979 was a bad time to be at Three Mile Island in all kinds of ways.

I have to think about my life, and the people in it, when I'm the first person they think to send The Complete Pants list from Diablo III to.

Mind you, CAPTAIN CRIMSON'S CODPIECE is something that I hear in Brian Blessed shouting in my head every time I read it. Also, "BY CAPTAIN CRIMSON'S CODPIECE!" may be the power phrase that activates some pirate's mystical superpowers. I am also pretty sure that pirate is Brian Blessed.
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