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World’s Best Reading Experience and so much more from Barnes & Noble
World’s Best Reading Experience and so much more from Barnes & Noble


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"4. What would Amortentia smell like to you?
A) You know when you wake up in the morning and someone else is making you breakfast? That.
B) Fried food at a state fair.
C) The inexplicable smell of Fruit Loops when there are no Fruit Loops in sight.
D) The smell of a campfire."

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This Saturday at 8pm, nationwide: join us as we count down to the #BNHP midnight release of "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One & Two"! Customers of all ages are invited to join us for special events and activities, giveaways, costume contests, special treats from the café and more in our countdown to midnight! Learn more and find the B&N store nearest you: #ReadTheMagic

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"As it happens, our favorite characters, although born into parallel dimensions, are not free from the movement of the galaxies:"

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At B&N Readouts, Liane Moriarty's "Truly, Madly, Guilty" (Flatiron Books) brings to life the wicked secrets of neighbors meeting at a seemingly ordinary backyard party:

"Clementine wondered if Tiffany had some experience in the hospitality field. She almost had one arm folded behind her back as she bent at the waist and poured drinks.

From where Clementine sat in the long, low cabana, she could see her daughters playing on a long rectangle of grass next to a gazebo with ornate columns and a wrought-iron dome. They were throwing a tennis ball for the little dog. Ruby had the ball at the moment and she was holding it up high above her head, while the dog, taut and trembling with anticipation, sat in front of her, poised to spring.

'You must tell Dakota to let us know when she gets sick of looking after the girls,' said Clementine to Tiffany, although she hoped it wouldn’t be anytime soon.

'She’s having a great time with them,' said Tiffany. 'You just relax and enjoy the view of the Trevi Fountain there.' She nodded at the largest, most extravagant fountain, a monolithic creation built like a wedding cake with winged angels holding uplifted hands as if to sing, except they spurted great crisscrossing arcs of water from their mouths. 'That’s what my sisters call it...'

“I think it’s incredible,” said Clementine.

“No pool?” asked Sam, who had grown up splashing about in a backyard aboveground pool with his brothers and sister. “You’ve got enough room for one.”

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"August brings with it the kick-off of a new series from Dav Pilkey for devoted Captain Underpants fans, a companion read for Rick Riordan’s Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series, a new graphic novel about a pair of cave-dwelling siblings from the author and illustrator of the Jedi Academy books, and another Cube Kid Unofficial Minecraft Adventure..." Check out our top picks this month for young readers!

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Leading into this Saturday's #BNHP midnight release party for #CursedChild, Sparknotes confirms all we'd hoped for a 🌟different🌟 Rowling tale: "It's got magical creatures, property damage so extensive it would make even the Avengers flinch, and possibly the answer to the question "Can Muggles do Side-Along Apparition?"

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As we gear up for Saturday night's #CursedChild "Midnight to Magic" release party (at all B&N stores nationwide!), a lifelong HP fan explains why Millennials love Harry Potter: "Spend your childhood facing down He Who Must Not Be Named and Dolores Umbridge, and it’s only natural you’ll strive to make the world a better place."

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"This time, he gave in to the laughter.
Great. Now she had him laughing at her.
Except that when he looked at her, there was nothing mocking in his gaze, and he was so devastatingly focused on her that she forgot to be annoyed.
As they stared at each other, the humor faded away to a slight, sexy smile. 'Come on, Honor. Where do you go in the middle of the night, and what difference does it make if Lexie tells anyone?'
No way would she go into detail with him, but this time she couldn’t think of an excuse to dodge out."

To keep reading this alluring Sneak Peek of Lori Foster's upcoming Harlequin novel "Don't Tempt Me", find it here at B&N Readouts:

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"Over the years, science fiction and fantasy have provided something of a guide to the pitfalls and dangers associated with traveling through time. Here, for your edification, are 10 suggestions for what to definitely not do, should you happen upon a TARDIS on your way home from work."
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