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Dear +NIA Ops, +Niantic Project, +Ingress,

I still can't play, without any information from your side. I guess for around 2 month now .. do you plan to ever fix my account? Or at least, please let me know why you had blocked my acc ...
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+NIA Ops come on you guys, give the man a break.
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Dear +NIA Ops

I've just traveled from Austria to Cologne, and really would like to play some ingress, but I'm still stuck in #observers mode :( .. I did already send you some mails, but nothing did change for days! :( .. And even more, I have absolutely no idea why you've put me in that mode :/
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+Christof Gruber just like I said in my previous comment, you say you've been doing it two months, but that doesn't mean much if you only do a couple now and then. Again, how long you've been doing it means very little, how much you are doing is what matters.

Yes, recharging won't have an effect despite still costing you xm, just like hacking doesn't give you anything, but doing it helps.

Once you can say you've done at least 500 glyph hacks, you can start feeling like you aren't getting anywhere.

It isn't a very good bot deterrent, since it's more likely to make actual players quit than the bots its meant for, but it is what it is.
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