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Is the Moto swimmable...has a face been done for swimming laps exercise in pool etc....that would be a cool face for a swimmer
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absolutely agree with +Jimmie Tonyan. feel free to wash your hands with the watch on and not be afraid of getting it a little wet but I would never leave it on at the beach or pool or deliberately submerge it in water and take that risk haha
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this is fantastic you almost forget its a commercial for beer....
Reading is what I live for!
Its taken over 25 minutes and I still havent spoken to someone...Good thing its not an emergency you'd be dead before they spoke to you. I just need a refill the pharmacy says they never respond to refill requests but their phone line at Wayne State says new Pharmacy refill request come from the pharmacy. Wow and their Dr;s roll their eyes at you and are sub par I've found one dr who seems to be decent but hes a student dr. in another year he'll be gone and so will I .....
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Originally we went bought a little as their stock is pretty good. But their owners alienated me and my family by placing us supposedly on the ban list. Went in with my husband for free RPG day. I normally let my husband buy and I dont need my own points card. But in order to get FREE stuff you have join their crazy points system. When I checked out Iwas told I had to spend 20 dollars for the points to get the two free (marked free) items. I was immediately upset. If its marked free why do I have to spend 20 dollars and isn't that just unethical? Any way because I asked in front of everyone, I got banned as did my family. I was mortified. You ban my husband as well and he spent a lot of money on this a new business model I haven't heard of...ban those who ask question or call you out on being unethical. Also many of the games are over MSRP I was like wow that can't be right, No sales over msrp and their still in business? I went to Amazon for my board games not only did i get them in 2 days I got them under the msrp. Now I saw an article about how their website is compromised and they arn't doing anything about it. I see problems ahead an they could have been so much better. To bad
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