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New website for 2012:

I'm alive. :) Lots of playing and enjoying my three guys. More traveling for 2011, this week somewhere tropical. 2012 I'll be responsible again.

I hope you all have a lovely holiday season.

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The new Nik Korpon, just released through Outsider Writers Press:

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No Words With Friends on G+?
That's fine. I'm fine. Not addicted at all.

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W&B Kindle Edition now on sale. It's all about the bonus content:
Afterword by Jesse Lawrence
Final Thoughts by Livius Nedin and Robb Olson
Warmed and Bound: Up Close by Phil Jourdan
Interview with Pela Via by Phil Jourdan
The Multiple Voices Inside Your Book by Jay Slayton-Joslin
Booked Podcast: Warmed and Bound Sessions
Transcripts of Booked Interviews with: Craig Clevenger, Brian Evenson, Stephen Graham Jones and Pela Via
Photography by Charles King
The Fuse

Fun with audio-text conversion software: via +Gordon Highland
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[Speaker 3] hello thanks for taking time out of all misty a very busy schedule this week to talk to us
[Speaker 4] and yet I promise I'll put it
[Speaker 5] but we kick it off with you telling us a little bit about how you came to be involved with the bill I
[Speaker 6] think it ranges from criminal or two years ago and I didn't want to fear Iran is doing something that I wasn't

Who's doing Velvet stuff in LA Saturday 8/27? day after the release party. Let me know.

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The first unanimous 5-star book review on +Booked Podcast?!

Did I hear that right?

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