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Family Physician–Case Manager Collaboration and Needs of Patients With Dementia and Their Caregivers: A Systematic Mixed Studies Review
ABSTRACT PURPOSE Dementia case management (CM) in primary care is a complex intervention aimed at identifying the various needs of patients with dementia and their caregivers, as well as the organization and coordination of care. A key element of CM is the ...

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Should family physicians be empathetic? YES
When we answer the question “Should family physicians be empathetic?” in
the affirmative, we are saying yes to empathy as it is defined by Hojat
et al, 1 who state that the concept of empathy must be limited to its cognitive
and behavioural dimensions. T...

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Contextualizing SEGUE: Evaluating Residents’ Communication Skills Within the Framework of a Structured Medical Interview
Abstract Background The SEGUE (Set the stage, Elicit information, Give information, Understand the patient's perspective, and End the encounter) Framework is a checklist-style rating scale to facilitate the teaching and assessment of communication skills in...

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Perceptions of gender-based discrimination during surgical training and practice
ABSTRACT Background : Women represent 15% of practicing general surgeons. Gender-based discrimination has been implicated as discouraging women from surgery. We sought to determine women’s perceptions of gender-based discrimination in the surgical training ...

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Empathize me, Doctor- Έλα στη θέση μου, Γιατρέ
me, Doctor!” is an experiential training program aiming at improving
empathic understanding in healthcare providers. Its duration is 60 hours
distributed in three 20-hour workshops. It is not about learning a
technique but it is mostly about ...

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Yes to one thing… no to the others.
Wellcome Library, London One of the perennial problems that faces doctors who are in direct contact with patients is time management.  It is the one resource we all have to allocate, and with the multitude of different roles we all have to play – parent / s...

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Brain Basics
National Institute of Mental Health   (USA) Brain Basics provides information on how the brain
works, how mental illnesses are disorders of the brain, and ongoing
research that helps us better understand and treat disorders. Brain Basics will introduce yo...

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Treatment of Depression in Primary Care: Using Tools to Improve Outcomes
CME Institute: Evaluating and Monitoring Treatment Response in Depression Using Measurement-Based Assessment and Rating Scales Madhukar H. Trivedi, MD Department of Psychiatry and the Mood Disorders Research Program
and Clinic, University of Texas Southwes...

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GPs demand protection against violent patients
GP practices say their ability to protect staff is
being undermined by a lack of early warning about potentially high-risk
violent patients and poor support from NHS officials. A GP survey of 610 GPs found 79%
have felt threatened by a patient in their p...
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