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How to send encrypted mail in C#
It was a request of one of my client to send the mail as encrypted so that this kept secure while sending to customers. So after a search I found Jason Niver's code to be very handy to use. So I am sharing this will all so next time it becomes little bit ea...

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best practice to replace in C#
In most of the application we have to replace a string with some value and sometimes it has to be used multiple times for multiple characters. Like first replace the dot(.) and then hyphen(-) and then some other characters. by using String.Replace(String,St...

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This <noscript> tag defines the enable of javaScript in your browser. To state whether JavaScript is enabled or not in your browser we can use this tag. This works fully independently, means no other JavaScript or JQuery library are not needed to use this f...

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How to find next focusable item in HTML using JQuery
In this post we will found how to
find the next focusable item and focus into that element in HTML using JQuery.
Among lots of element sometime its getting necessary to focus on the next
element on some ENTER or TAB click in HTML. So, how to do this. Let’s ...

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How to make a HTML element focusable
Input elements like text box, textarea, button, anchor drop down list(select),
list are pre focusable element in HTML. But elements like span, div, label
these are not focusable element, as these are not interacting with user
directly. These are only use to...

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Run Stored Procedure from Batch file (MS SQL & Oracle)
In this post we will lean how to run a stored procedure from a batch file ( .bat ) externally. This is used very often to run a schedule job set in the server. The whole job logic is written in the Stored procedure and we are executing that from an external...

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How to prevent F12 in browser
Introduction: Opening the console log of browser and change element value of a web page is like a headache for the developer. To prevent this situation here is the remedy. Description: So how to stop this kind of situation, you could get a message while use...

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Difference between Response.Write and Response.WriteLine
Introduction: In this post we will discuss about the difference between Response.Write and Response.WriteLine in C#. These are the methods we used to show the output in console application. Both these methods come from class Console under namespace System. ...

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Inheritance in OOPs C#
Introduction: Previously we have discussed about the Abstraction and Encapsulation and their difference in this blog. Today we will go for the other two properties of OOPs in C#, these are Inheritance and Polymorphism. Description: As we all know OOPs has 4...

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Restore database from .BAK frile in Ms. SQL Server
Introduction: In this post I will show you how to restore a database from a backup file (extension of backup file is .bak). It is the most common way to restore a database though there are other several ways to do so, like through excel, access or csv. But ...
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