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Facts only resource for information, community driven for reliability.
Facts only resource for information, community driven for reliability.
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After a short time with a previous questions and answers section, we've been busy rebuilding our own version to make way for new bigger and better features. Launching in the new week or so :)

More big changes on the way for soon in our quest to create the most accurate and informative pages possible.

Related categories have now been added to the bottom of our fact pages to make fact finding easier! Thanks to Heather Taylor (User ID #53) from and a few others for the suggestion!

Thanks to Laurie McConnell from for her recent feedback... as a result we now have a search function at the top of each page to make searching from anywhere easier!

With the launch of challenges recently, we've shortened our tutorial down to 10 simple steps to keep everything as quick and simple as possible. Thanks goes to Dan Fell (user #54) for his feedback!

New feature: A more simple and cleaner looking account page. All the previous stats will still be available soon on a new 'statistics' page.

Challenges have now been launched! Visit your account page to see your new challenges and earn badges for your work. More challenge types will be rolled out in the within the next month. Let us know what you think of the new feature!

Busy working on some big updates... thank you for all your recent feedback!

Bug Fix: Category sidebar progress bar error when there are more than 2 contributors.

Improved home page to be launched within the next week...
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