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Need to calculate the number of bars in a piece of recorded music? Look no further.

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Another lovely Google+ review of our work came in today from our client Gary Knowles, who’s a gifted composer working on music to be performed in his church.

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Music Transcription is an art, we love to do it, and we’re good at it. We’re very accurate. It takes time. Writing arrangements from sheet music is cheaper than writing from transcribed material. If there’s no sheet music, we need to do the transcription…

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Our staff is capable of producing accurate Orchestral Music Score transcriptions from recorded material. Score Transcription Music Transcription is a two-step process. The first phase, known as “takedown” in the jargon of the industry, involves pencil and…

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Special Music Arrangements for Special Occasions

A frequent request from clients that we take great pleasure in fulfilling involves custom scoring of medleys of favorite songs for special occasions - most often, weddings.

Any piece or song or pop tune combined with any other piece, song or pop tune can be custom scored to be performed at a wedding ceremony, reception, or gathering.

String quartet music is a particular favorite. Ensembles can consist of violin, guitar, piano, organ, vocal, viola, cello, bass, flute, clarinet - and fit well in a Sacred environment. A string quartet springing into "This Is the Moment" can make a powerful beginning to any celebration!
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Custom arrangements for a wedding ceremony are our most requested service. Any song can be arranged or adapted for any combination of instruments.

Does anyone have experience bringing sound libraries other than Garritan into Finale?
I'm currently working on a project where that will shorten the approval cycle substantially.
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This is the first Google Plus group devoted to music arranging, music arrangers, and their needs. Come join the discussion, talk about your work, your challenges, your clients, any problems you might encounter, and any solutions you might have for the group!
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Arranged to order by Arranger for Hire

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