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Those believing five PMs in five years is unprecedented have poor memories....
Shocked that Australia has had five different Prime Ministers in five years and that, in outgoing PM Tony Abbott's words, "a febrile media culture has developed that rewards treachery"?
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Ruddock, in other words, a gentle men who stood in stark contrast to the representatives of the press, who in public meetings showed no respect for anyone in dress or behaviour.
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Tony Wright

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A bold idea, rusting. A little Saturday musing...
A few months ago, in the northern hemisphere's winter, a daughter and I took a train from New York City along the frozen Hudson River and north to Vermont, a little state of snow-covered tundra, forest and mountains.
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Love all your articles concerning our part of the world Tony. However, I can't agree with the fact that people say railways are not economical. All around the Western District, kilometers of roads are being chopped to pieces by trucks carrying various heavy loads to and fro. Surely the cost to repair the roads would balance with the cost of keeping rail links open.  And as you say, it's a very relaxing form of transport and allows travellers to look around. Just saying.
Heather McIntosh (Campbell)
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Tony Wright

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the story of Kitty Wallaby and her country, older than Stonehenge....
Having suffered the misfortune of being born in 1840, Kitty Wallaby remained a woman of pride.
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RE: A new citizen comes bearing her parents' gift: could open borders enrich us all?

You are a classic case of 'all the jelly beans are blue". I.E. You stick your hand in a jar of mixed jelly beans, pull out a blue one and declare to all present that all the jelly beans are blue, despite the evidence in your face.

Some immigrants are great people and contribute positively to Australian society. But some ARE NOT!

Two facts remain and cannot be disputed other than by individuals driven by ideology rather than rationality.

1) All potential immigrants cannot come to Australia even if they are like your immigrant friend. We do not have adequate fresh water at all times to sustain a significantly larger population. Nor enough fertile soils suitable for food production.

2) As long as immigration is as high as it currently is, immigrants will not be screened properly by the immigration authorities because they lack the required resources to cope with the numbers. As a result the criminals or criminally inclined will be let into Australia along with the great people like your friend.

Both require immigration to fall to far more sustainable levels.
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