China's Economic growth comes at an expense, the environment. The original yellow color of the Yangtze River just recently turned into red. Early predictions from scientists say the red water was likely a result of pollution, but investigators are still investigating the unknown cause. When discussing the issue with one of my colleagues, who is from China, it's most probably the pollution, as there are a lot of factories and industry along the Yangze River.

This made me wonder; How much of China's economic growth would disappear if the factories would be subject of the same strict environmental rules and regulations as factories in the West, in particular Europe. The US is not as environmentally friendly as the EU, but still pays more attention to the impact producing industry can have on the environment.

What will the impact of the pollution in the Yangze river be on the living standard of the Chinese people living along the river banks. What is the impact on the fish being caught in the river.

This could very well have a large long term effect on China, just for some short term economic gains.

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