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Karl Voit
Too many things of interest for one lifetime ;-)
Too many things of interest for one lifetime ;-)

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Many examples prove: G+ will be shut down (some day). As any cloud-based service will be (some day).

Therefore, I discontinue my (very low) engagement on this platform as well.

Please stay tuned on my private web page that probably will be completely re-done within the next months. Decentralization is the key and I invest work only in self-hosted products where data belongs to me and I am not the product being sold.

So long and thanks for the fish.

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Hi all!

Lifelogging is somewhat related to Quantified Self

I personally started Lifelogging during my PhD thesis in 2011 where I looked into Personal Information Management (

I am very concerned about privacy and like to re-gain my data from the cloud onto my computer(s). For this purpose I created Memacs which integrates things like emails, photographs, tweets, text messages, phone calls, git/SVN commits, usenet postings, web page visits, ... into my GNU/Emacs Org-mode calendar.

How am I able to provide an very easy way to start a hangout with a specific person on an Android device?

I could not find anything simpler than starting G+ app, heading for the hangout menu (kinda hidden), start typing the name until it is displayed, and start the hangout. Seems a bit complicated for a non-tech-savvy person using an Android tablet ...

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Can anyone tell me when there will be the possibility to start a video chat from the G+ Android app?

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GLT12 hat nun auch brandaktuell das Programm in einer praktischen #Android App online

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Great metaphor! Think about it!
#pim2012 The “Home” metaphor for the current state of Personal Information Management.

• On the Web: We are all homeless, we only rent from other people places to store our information.
• About privacy: It’s like being in the marketplace all day long.
• About information silos: It’s like being at a different home for lunch, a different home to sleep in, etc.• On customizing information management: We cannot make personalized choices about how we want our house to be, because it is decided by those who rent it to us.


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Had to get rid of the #Android G+ app once again: doesn't let me share any content with other Android apps and uses up >25MB of internal space so that syncing data stopped working (again). Sorry guys, that's not the spirit ...
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