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How to plan a perfect layout?
Planning a perfect layout is the
key to designing a functional and visually-pleasing kitchen. It is
important to choose a layout that meets the needs and requirements of
your family members. The right layout will also help in making the
optimum utilization ...
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Common kitchen design mistakes to avoid
A modern kitchen design should be functional as well as aesthetically appealing. Right from choosing
the right materials to ensuring proper lighting, there are many
factors that have to be taken into consideration while designing a
kitchen. Most importantly...
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Why is kitchen the most important room in your home?
The kitchen is the most
important room in your room. Whether small or large, the kitchen is
the hub of most activities in your home. Be it adults or children,
people spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen everyday.
It’s truly a place where the me...
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Make your Kitchen Look Fresh in 2015
Kitchen is the busiest area of the home where family
tends to make the maximum visits. Being a cooking space, the need for
having comfortable, spacious and stylish kitchens has also increased.
Owing to this reason, various kitchen trends have evolved in the...
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5 key elements of a modern kitchen
When one thinks of a
modern kitchen, one usually thinks of frameless cabinets, sleek and
simple hardware, monochromatic colors scheme, and lack of any
ornamentation. If you are planning to renovate your kitchen and wish
to give it a modern look and feel, ch...
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5 popular modern kitchen cabinets to choose from
A kitchen is the
home’s central station. From doing home-work to hosting luncheons
and dinner parties, we end up spending so much time out there. If you
wish to make your kitchen glamorous, inviting, and modern, check out
the 5 popular kitchen cabinet style...
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Top colors for modern kitchen cabinets
When we think of
modern kitchens, we mostly think of white, grey, and black colors.
But modern kitchens are not devoid of colors. You can have cherry red
lacquer cabinets or bright cobalt blue cabinetry. You can go for
colored cabinets to add a flourish of ...
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Gloss White Kitchen Cabinets [InfoGraphic]
Gloss White Kitchen Cabinets
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Kitchen Remodeling: Different Types of Kitchen Cabinets
When it comes to kitchen remodeling, kitchen cabinets are an integral
part that must be taken into account. Kitchen cabinets make your kitchen more functional one the one hand, while on the other gives
your kitchen an aesthetic beauty. There are numerous ki...
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Kitchen Designs: White Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchens are the main attraction and social center of your home.
Hence, Homeowners and interior designers, these days, are focusing more on kitchen remodeling and designing . Kitchen designing is one of
the most important steps for you to achieve the person...
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