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Koochie Play Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Creating High Standards in Quality and Safety
Creating High Standards in Quality and Safety

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17th February 2017

Some of the industry’s senior fraternity from the GCC Region 🇦🇪 addressing a packed house of their peers (leading designers, architects and landscape consultants) from INDIA 🇮🇳 at "KONNECTIONS 2017 by KOOCHIE"..

In the pictures are:
Mr Kourosh SALEHI - Principal Architect & Associate Director Middle East & Africa ATKINS
Mr Robert SHAKESPEARE - Senior Director, CRACKNELL
Mr Benjamin PIPER - Partner & Design Principal KILLA ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN
Mr. Pradipto K DUTTA - Project Director, KEO-DESIGN
Mr Roben DASS - Chairman & Managing Director, KOOCHIE GLOBAL

A big THANK YOU 🙏 🙏 to each of the delegates from both INDIA 🇮🇳 as well as the UAE 🇦🇪 for making KONNECTIONS 2017 such a huge, resounding success.. We're changing the way this world plays......

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No child’s play…Its all about "Child Safety"

A #playground is the best place for a child to stay connected with nature and also a place to develop mental and physical strength. Playgrounds provide crucial and vital opportunities for children to play. As per research there is clear link between play and brain development, motor-skills, and social capabilities. All learning—emotional, social, motor and cognitive—is accelerated, facilitated, and fueled by the pleasure of play. Playgrounds that promote different types of play are vital for a child’s cognitive, emotional, physical, and social development.


At Koochie, we have revolutionized the concept of playground equipment and virtually changed the face of this industry in the main regions that we operate in. Our philosophy is to design outdoor playground equipment for children that are manufactured to meet international standards in terms of design, aesthetics, product durability and most importantly child safety. Since these products are intended for use by little children, we have put in years of research to understand what really appeals to them and develop products to enthral them. All our playground equipment goes through an intense and comprehensive manufacturing process before being released into the market. Our product offerings undergo continuous R&D, which includes regular product improvements and upgrades in terms of quality and design.

Our outdoor playground equipment primarily consists of two elements, steel components and plastic components. All steel components are manufactured from the world’s best steel, which is first sand blasted, flow coated, hot dip galvanized and finally powder coated [using the world famous Akzo NOBEL Interpon coatings] to perfection. All our plastic components [even our very large slides] are made out of single ROTO MOULDS, which ensure virtually seamless parts thus eliminating joints and ensuring a fantastic smooth heavy-duty plastic surface that is child safe.

#outdoorplay #safeplay #playgroundequipment #outdoorfitness #opengym #gardengym #koochie #playarea #multiplay #swing #slide


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Is your CHILD SAFE on the playground equipment installed in your building, condo, school or neighborhood park ???

Why Should We Wear Helmets? Or Why Should We Buy Safe products? Two different things but the message is just the same... “SAFETY”

In most sporting activities, our heads are always vulnerable to injury; bruises, skin abrasions and cuts, even broken bones will heal, while brain damage may last a lifetime.

Similarly when any product is installed in a playground it is most important that we use the appropriate equipment which is SAFE so that we minimise the chances of accidents and injuries.

PLAYGROUND SAFETY is a science that includes a detailed analysis of the intended project right through design stage to the final installation.

Each stage has prescribed parameters that need to be adhered to ensure that a child's safety is never compromised.

The science of playground safety is clearly spelt out by international guidelines. In Europe, it's the EN1176, in the US it's ASTM, in Australia it's AS4685, in New Zealand it's NZS4486 and so on.

These safety standards clearly prescribe what raw materials must be used in the manufacture, the design of the unit / product, how the products must be then designed on the proposed layout that it will be installed in, how the units must be installed safely, etc.

Every Koochie System is developed by a specialised team with extensive and unparralled skills in Designing and constant R&D to ensure all International Standards are met in terms of design, aesthetics, product life and most importantly - CHILD SAFETY.

We are proud to be the only brand in the Indian Sub-Continent to have had its products tested and certified by Reputed Notified Certifying Bodies such as TUV & SGS in France, Taiwan and Australia by the prestigious EN 1176 certification [the highest safety certification given to playground equipment in Europe] and the AS 4685 & NZS 4486 [Australia & New Zealand's safety certifications], DIN79000, EN1777 & the latest EN16630 standard.

Koochieplay's components are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities located across the globe. The manufacturing technology varies between using Robotic technology, world class powder coating such as Akzo Nobel, stringent Quality Control & QA systems, etc......

Safety first is safety always"


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What is the critical 'deciding' factor that a prospective customer will consider before buying a home ?

The answer is "FAMILY" !!!

OK, so let's analyse this... a man spends the least time at home as compared to his wife and kids, right ??

His family is predominantly going to be using the property and it's amenities far more than he is, right ?

Great - so now that we have this clearly understood, it's the amenities that make a project not just four walls and a roof. Every buyer looks at the kind of amenities a project will provide for his family before deciding upon which project to invest in.

Let's get another fact very clear.... We all priorities our kids over and above ourselves, right ? Now lets co-relate the above two facts.....

So now that we all understand how important it is to have a great kids play area as part of the project that you expect any family to invest in, sadly a lot of project owners miss this very important factor and just look at cheaper products to throw in to hurriedly finish up and handover a project. The result is a shoddy, rusty, unsafe play space that actually ends up spoiling the entire landscaped area.... While a prospective buyer is shopping for a home which project do you think he is likely to chose ???

Research has clearly shown that projects that showcase a great play area and an outdoor fitness gym space that have been supplied and installed by a reputed brand command a higher premium than those that don't... Funnily it really doesn't cost sooooo much more (if you look at the overall cost per sft of the entire project) to do this.

The Playground Industry is actually a highly scientific industry that involves a proper study and understanding of how to make products rugged, aesthetically pleasing, while maintaining good quality, design, and most importantly CHILD SAFETY. Reputed brands get their products tested and certified by Notified Testing Bodies to make sure the products they offer are made as safe as possible for little children to play.

#outdoor-play #outdoorplay #playground #playequipment #parkequipment #kidsplay #koochie #safeplay #playgroundsafety #outdoorfitness #opengym #gardengym #getfitindia


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In today’s days, our society increasingly values healthy habits and a better quality of life. While we realize the dangers of sedentary lives leading to non-communicable diseases, most of us clearly understand the need for exercise and hence we are getting more health conscious. As stake holders in this society, it is equally important for us, to also provide for healthy infrastructure in and environments so that people may be encouraged to use such facilities to get fit and healthy.

In our objective to create healthy environments, KOOCHIE has clearly established a solid brand name associated with providing an amazing range of outdoor fitness gyms which has taken the market by storm.

These outdoor fitness gyms have been used in public and commercial spaces for the past few years and outperformed all competition due to its quality, design, aesthetics, and most importantly the famed prompt KOOCHIE after sales service.

We are proud to Introduce our new EURO RANGE of URBAN HEALTH OUTDOOR EXERCISE GYMS: This new range of really cool exercise equipment targets different muscle groups to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It has elements focused on joints for older users, very simple and gentle exercises to help make daily improvements and can be used by all age groups without the fear of injuries as one’s own body weight is used as resistance.

We also have an exciting range of moderate aerobic exercise equipment to improve the cardiovascular system. The design is elegant and simple, and is guaranteed to easily adapt and add immense value to any urban environment.

KOOCHIE - We’re changing the way this world plays…

#outdoorfitness #opengyms #gardengyms #koochie #playground #publicpark #parkfitness #getfitindia

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Kumara Park, Bangalore, gets its own KOOCHIE Outdoor Gyms ...

The residents of Kumara Park {Bangalore’s up market residential area} were provided with state of the art, world class, certified, KOOCHIE Outdoor Fitness Gym Equipment in their prized neighbourhood park.

The hi-tech outdoor fitness zone was inaugurated by the honourable Minister - Mr Roshan Baig, Bangalore's Mayor Ms G Padmavati, Mr Sampath Kumar - Corporator from Vasanthnagar Ward, amongst other dignitaries. Mr Rajesh Darira [GM Strategic Business] and Mr Deepak Kalro [VP - International Business] represented team KOOCHIE. The residents were thrilled with the quality and design of the products installed and couldn't wait to start using these equipment.

Exercise, as any physician will tell you, is the best way to combat modern day non communicable diseases such as Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases, Hypertension etc, KOOCHIE’s outdoor fitness gyms are designed for all ages, right from teens to the aged as these machines use one’s own body weight as resistance thus greatly avoiding the chance of injuries.

#outdoorfitness #opengym #gardengym #koochie #kumarapark #playground #parkequipment

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Announcement: KOOCHIE GLOBAL has entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with two of Europe's leading brands GALOPIN of Spain & Play Planet of Portugal in a 'first of its kind alliance' that will now bring about 60 years of combined experience, technology and world class products.

KOOCHIE - we're changing the way this world plays....

#outdoorplay #playground #playequipment #outdoorfitness #opengym #gardengym #koochie #galopin #playplanet #parkequipment #playgroundequipment #safeplay #kidsplay #roben #robendass #jorgemorillo #milvamaggioni

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With this alliance KOOCHIE will be the only brand in India that has products and brands catering to every segment of the industry, while its entry level brand HUGO will offer world class products for budget projects, its premium brands such as KOOCHIE, KOOSAFE, KOOFIT, GALOPIN & PLAY-PLANET will cater & add immense value to high end projects in India.

#koochie #galopin #playground #playequipment #parkequipment #roben #robendass

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The History and Evolution of Physical Fitness

“Fitness”, as we know it today, seems to be a relatively modern invention – something that started vaguely in the 70s with jogging and Jazzercise. But physical exercise itself goes back much further than that, to a time where people wouldn’t have thought of it as “working out”, but rather a way of life. Centuries and millennia ago, they did not have all the machines and weights and gyms that we have today, and yet they were in better shape than we are. The strength and mobility of the early man was not developed through structured programs, methods, or schedules, but rather was forged by the daily, instinctive, necessity-driven practice of highly practical and adaptable movement skills. The Industrial Revolution, marking the transition from manual production methods to machine-based manufacturing processes, began around 1760 and quickly generated social, economic, and cultural trends that changed the way people lived, worked, and of course, moved. As people became more sedentary, a new movement towards intentional physical exercise arose. As time passed this got worse with the advent of the computer age, video games and cable TV became a rage and kids and adults grew more and more sedentary.

With the growth of more cities, more industrialisation, socio-economic development, comes along changing age-structure, changing lifestyles, and a growing burden of non-communicable diseases. In India, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are responsible for 32% of all deaths in the country (approximately three million deaths per year). Of these, cardiovascular diseases constituted 13%, injuries 8.7% and chronic respiratory diseases 6.7%. Cancers with 3.4% and diabetes with 0.2% were the other contributors.

The prevalence of hypertension ranges from 10% to 15% amongst the adult population in urban areas according to WHO. The International Diabetes Federation estimates that there are about 32.7 million diabetics in the country. A more recent WHO estimate puts it at 28.7 million. Indians seem to have a genetic predisposition towards diabetes.

This becomes manifest on exposure to richer diet and consequent increase in body weight. This is perhaps also borne out by the temporal trends in diabetes prevalence in India.

The Solution
One solution to this chronic problem is the installation of outdoor fitness equipment in public areas such as parks and grounds for the general public to use. A facility that is always open and helps people gain benefits of fresh air while they are working out.

Project Outline
We, Koochieplay Systems, identified this gap in the health system. We have been involved in the design and manufacturing of outdoor playground systems and safety flooring for over a decade. We are the only company in India to hold multiple international safety certifications for outdoor playground systems. We have developed KooFIT – a range of outdoor fitness equipment that can be installed in municipal and public parks, residential complexes, resorts, malls, prisons, schools, gas stations, beaches – any place where there is about 450 sq ft of space. Our equipment have the latest EN16630 safety certification, ensuring that the people get the benefits of best and lasting equipment. The equipment are of low impact, which means they are based on body weight resistance – one’s own body weight is used as resistance. The open air gyms ensure the benefits of fresh air and are safe for people of all ages who are looking to boost their health and fitness.

KooFIT exercise equipment has been designed and developed by sports and exercise professionals to provide strength, cardiovascular, flexibility as well as balance & co-ordination training for all the major muscle groups and for all ages and abilities. The use of this equipment makes exercise available to all while encouraging use of green spaces, healthier living, social interaction and fitness.

This is the next step for public fitness in our country, and is aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of the general public. This new outdoor gym equipment gives people the opportunity to take regular exercise in the fresh air, using equipment that can be located in public spaces such as parks, grounds and beaches. When people first decide to make a difference with their physical fitness, they go for a walk, and to have these fitness pieces beside a path that they happen to be walking by, people are a lot more prone to get on them and do a little bit of exercise. Increasing health and fitness is an important factor in improving quality of life. It is also the focus of current key government initiatives. We can soon hope to see accessible exercise equipment appearing in open spaces such as our parks, helping differing ages and abilities to take some regular physical exercise.

The safety requirements for the permanent installation of outdoor fitness and exercise equipment are addressed by KooFIT. In a similar manner to playground equipment, exercise equipment is installed in unsupervised, freely accessible and public locations and requires stringent safety measures to enable its safe usage.

OUTDOOR FITNESS GYMS by Koochie is the new trend that has been responsible for bringing fitness, easily accessible to all ages at a very reasonable cost.

All our products are tested and certified by TUV Rheinland {Europe's most respected & 'notified' certifying body} to have met the latest EN16630 safety standards. Koochie was also one of the initial brands to have received the DIN79000-12 safety certification [again issued by TUV Rheinland] for its range of #outdoorfitness gyms. Our #Outdoorfitness gyms are taking the market by storm today as everyone recognises the need to provide these kind of high end fitness facilities as easy access in their projects [be it a public park, residential condo project, school, mall, resort, hotel, etc]. Installing a few of our equipment as part of their amenities has time and again proved to have greatly increased a project's value.

All Koochie #outdoor fitness gyms are made to suit all ages as our systems use one own body weight as resistance, unlike traditional, stuffy indoor gyms that use weights. Koochie outdoor gyms are also far cheaper than indoor gym equipment besides being really low on maintenance.

Koochie fitness gyms are ecofriendly and do not need electricity to plug in. These are rugged [last for years in the outdoors] and made to meet all international standards in terms of quality, design and safety.

koochie...... we're changing the way this world plays.

#opengym #gardengym #outdoorfitness #outdoorgym #koochiefitness #getfitindia #playground #outdoorplay #koochie #parkequipment #outdoorfitnesssafety #playgroundsafety #outdoorgym

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