Re: Claiming of Sleeping Beauty
A book review, of sorts.  ;)

I am willing to admit it, I was driven through this book of passion, reading it quickly and enjoying the eroticism of it very much.  (I am reading it in place of Fifty Shades since I tend to stray away from the masses as much as possible).  I like fairy tales and I know enough about power play dynamics to recognize just how accurately Anne Rice (writing as AN Roqulaure) describes both the dominant and submissive roles.

The reason the book doesn't get more than 2.5 stars is because I am not sure there's much of a story here... Yes, it's a plot-based pornography, that would likely make quite an enjoyable BDSM-related film, but it is still primarily pornography.  The final chapter gives promise that there is more to Beauty than meets the reader's eye, and I will likely find myself reading it under the covers, with a flashlight, as I did reading Gerald's Game as a young girl, but I'm not holding my breath for a true story arc.
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