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Brianna fka Cole Kempe
This account is the winter of my discontent... made glorious by the Den of Snow.
This account is the winter of my discontent... made glorious by the Den of Snow.

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For those people who use this networking site, who care about what I may someday decide to post, and who have not already done so, please take this opportunity to circle I've gone back to my maiden name, and while I am happily married, I will never be changing my name again.  It's a hell of a lot of work once you're a grown up.

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This completely deserves a share!
This might be my favorite thing ever. 

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Tarot Reading, for "What is my concentration for each boy, for his total health in Mind, Body, Spirit?"
Hayden: Vigilance.
Mind: Family Support and Bonds, Joy must be nourished to last.
Body: Balance of material and spiritual, with focus on discipline and appreciating current possessions.
Spirit: Help him to unravel his mysteries, teaching calm and how to seek knowledge in a traditional manner.

Gabe: Passion and Art
Mind: Determining value of our options, and choosing between them wisely.
Body: Keep him honest, so that he may learn to anticipate honesty from others.
Spirit: Hold fast to childhood innocence, with good intentions, noble impulses and simplicity of joys.

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Saying farewell to the Halloween Houses was a cough bittersweet cough affair.
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Hey, Steev, I saw this at an antique shop, and thought of you.  Sorry I didn't have an extra $300 in my wallet.

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Thanksgiving Trip to Cambridge
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My morning cuddles

 921 words.  Title: "Error 442: Whimsy Not Found."  #Nanowrimo

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Body, Mind, Spirit Health reading for 9/5/12

Body: Seven of Cups - Goals may be outside of my reach, but there are many paths in front of me.  I need to keep my desires at an attainable level if I want success.  Keep my footing sound, and I should have many options at my disposal.  Remember that unrealistic expectations are often not fully realized, but that there is plenty of success to be found in a more attainable goal.

Mind: Nine of Cups - There is an abundance of health, prosperity and good fortune surrounding me.  The key is to allow myself to see the wealth surrounding me, and not focus on a few, minimalistic pieces of what surrounds me.

Spirit: Eight of Swords - I feel trapped, but freedom is attainable, if only I allow myself to stop and breathe before attempting an escape.  I should not waste energy on the trivial aspects of my journey, and instead should be willing and able to reassess the situation I am in at any given time.

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Question: What should my focus for my 32 year be?
Answer: Movement and Progress for both your emotional well being and your creativity.  Delve deep for personal discoveries, knowing that the material comfort of the surface will not do you justice on your journey.  Now is the time to let go, and let all of your weariness ripple away.  "Time to let go, because old involvements simply will not work out." 

Follow my own light, hold tight to that which still holds value to me, but allow myself to let go of that which has spilled its goodness long ago.
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