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So what can we use this Page for? Suggestions welcome; I would start a Hangout but my work machine doesn't have a webcam, and I don't think my microphone works properly either...
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Can you make announcement to tech-talk on this Google+ account? or send an invitation to tech-talk?
I added g+ links to the EPICS website already; I should add +1 links too. Announcing it on tech-talk is a good idea, although I might wait a while before doing that since we don't currently have any worthwhile content here.

I'm currently wrestling with trying to move people from an EPICS circle in my personal g+ account to a Users circle belonging to the EPICS page. g+ keeps giving me errors when I try to do that...

- Andrew
Ok, so maybe a Users circle doesn't make sense, the g+ Help says you can't add people to a g+ page's circles unless they're already following the g+ page anyway, so I will probably delete the Users circle.
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