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+Microsoft listened

New Desktop Update coming sometime after 8.1 Update 1

* ModernUI Apps in Windows on Desktop
* new Start Menu 

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Tainted Love played on floppy disk drives 

#hardware   #hacking   #softcell  

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Flood Hacks UK

Engineers from Microsoft, Facebook and Google and independent developers get together and spend eight hours hacking Environment Agency data to help devise digital solutions to help communities affected by the recent floods.

#hacking   #hackathon   #floodhacks   #floods   #uk  

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I watch and weep.....

Conservative activist Lottie Dexter claimed that teachers could be trained how to educate students in computer programming "in a day".

#newsnight   #conservative   #education   #programming   #bbc   #yearofcode  

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Is Google planning on hitting Guest Bloggers?

The tone of this post by +Matt Cutts  really sets of my alarm bells ringing!!  Of course, I agree that guest posting should not be a tool solely used to get backlinks,  be "spammy" or for personal gain, however, I cant help but feel that Google rather close this area off for most of us than deal with those causing the problems.

That fact is guest blogging is a great way to get exposer and spread yourself, your knowledge and views around the web. It is also a good way to help and support fellow bloggers and their readers.

In fact, hypothetically , if I dump everything that I know and have learnt about owning your own digital assets guest blogging rather than my own blog would actually be more appealing to me especially with the way that I am starting to view the world.

However, being accepted as a guess blogger should be considered and remain privilege. 

#blogging   #guestblogging   #google   

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Word of warning! for email list owners (Aweber, Mailchimp etc etc)

Your email open rates for subscribers using Gmail will plummet over the next few days. Gmail is now using a proxy to cache images, that is download the once, Therefore, images used to detect open rates will no longer work as intended. The solution is to monitor more click throughs and other actions.

#email   #gmail   #listbuilding   #emailmarketing   #aweber   #mailchimp  

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Users will need to chose between either privacy or security on Android 4.4.2"

#Android   #security   #privacy   #Google  

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