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Alexandre Boyer
Knowledge is freedom. Who said freedom was easy?
Knowledge is freedom. Who said freedom was easy?

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Got upgrade for my desktop at home: brand new super fast SSD drives. And... Windows 10. Because you know, gaming on Linux sucks...

Thank you Ubuntu 16.04 and Steam for not working. You suck.

Anyway, years without having a Windows system installed... I got surprised to see the installation being so straight forward!

And then I remembered why I love Linux: the fucking keyboard is not seen at boot, I have to unplug and replug it. And... updates are failing for some reason.

A fucking fresh install!

Even when I was a fucking n00b at Linux I could not break dpkg... how can one have trust in this shit OS? Seriously?

F.M.L. And I paid for that...

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I fucking can't stand Frozen anymore, but this is making it better...

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Premier meuble que je fabrique moi meme de ma vie, pas de plan, juste un dessin et un peu de chance...

Rough but tough!

#papaBricole #fierPourRien

System rebuilt: Ubuntu 16.04 on SSD, /home on 10K drive and another "normal" drive for storage.

This i7 finally gives some performance...

installing metasploit on my brand new rpi3...

Why do I always forget to install a couple of dev packages and the bundler throw discouraging errors?

Anyway, happy to see this working, rpi3 is a killer!

Bon, un vieux rêve enfin réalisé: monitoring physique permanant.

Enfin, pas complétement réalisé, moi j'aimerai avoir ça direct dans l'oeil et les capteurs intégrés sous la peau...

Mais mon bracelet fitbit couplé à l'appli Android fera l'affaire pendant quelques années :-)

Merci à Benoit Allard et Chris Wayne pour le package Ubuntu pour le dongle de sync. C'est beau les goliciels libres...

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"(...) cela permet de protéger les usagers des cyberintimidateurs aussi efficacement que les ordinateurs sont protégés des virus informatiques par les logiciels antivirus."

Donc ca marche pas c'est ca?


What's good after a tough week? A Saint-Emilion bottle!

Life is beautiful...

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When I started Linux, I used Vi. Them I moved to Vim... because, really, Vi sucks.

Then I met emacs... and basically dropped Vim.

And now I am testing MiniVim, a special config for Vim... and man... this is fucking awesome! I may well get back to Vim now...

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Réputé inviolable??

Mais il parle de quoi ce "journaliste"??

J'arrette la lecture drette a la premiere phrase la la...
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