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Transform your business with a team that cares
Transform your business with a team that cares


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#DF16 #RoadtoDF16 Stop by AscentERP booth 115 and learn how you can take advantage of RFID in your operation.
With AscentERP and #RFID customer satisfaction increases with less returns, minimizes out of stock products, and less human interaction with the supply chain. Less interaction with the supply chain will allow YOU to build better customer relations and give you more time to service your customers.

The Ascent White Label web integration for +Shopify to AscentERP is now LIVE!
For more information call: 908-981-0150
Here's what our customer had to say about our Shopify integration:
Near real time (<10sec) creation of order in Shopify to ERP
Packed out order in ERP fulfills original order in Shopify.
Payment of order in Shopify creates invoice and payment journal entry in ERP.
Cancelling an order sets cancel flag in ERP and notification to Finance to cancel/refund order if necessary.
Customized solution to integrate orders from Shopify and better handle account creation (we had to work around several issues with Shopify as they do not support account creation in POS) to Flow CRM
Integration of BC deposit and CRF fee (with GST) into order creation from Shopify to ERP to Finance
Flat monthly fee $150 for unlimited transactions and support from Ascent.
Real time error reporting. Email sent to for problem child orders.
Logging of all integration transactions
Test integration environment (we did not have this with ItDuzzit)
#shopify #integration #erp #live

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We are very excited to be attending #DF16!! Don't forget to check out booth 115 to learn about AscentERP!! +Dreamforce Events Team #dreamforce16 #salesforce

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Agility and Innovation are the New Currency in #appdevelopment
Check out our latest blog to learn more! ‪ #innovation #apps #agility #newtechnology #software #hardware

Out of 3,000 apps on the Salesforce Appexchange AscentERP is in the top 23. Ranked number 1 for back office applications!! BOOM!

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here, AscentERP is ready to take on the Revolution

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