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Atheists on Air: Beyond the Trailer Park Ep.110: Addiction; Are We Treating It Wrong?

Are we looking at substance abuse all wrong? Join the girls tonight we talk with Dave Foda about how he is battling his demons without the crutch of alcohol. As Dave states, "It's not 'abuse.' It's 'reliance.' Kill the catalyst, and you kill the need for the substance. It's really very simple."

But what does he mean? How does understanding our upbringing, alternatives, and the vagueries of daily life help prevent us from needing our daily fix? How do human connections factor into all this? (Remember Bruce Alexander's 1970ish Rat Park experiments?)

Just some of the questions we hope to explore along with reports that AA doesn't work (3%-15% success rate) and why some call it pseudo-science. Tonight @930PM (EDT) on Beyond the Trailer Park.

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Atheists on Air: Beyond the Trailer Park Ep 105: Professor Stephen and Flat Earth

Tonight BTTP is joined by none other than Professor Stephen of AoA fame. While AoA is still on hiatus, the Professor keeps his science skepticism well tuned, and tonight will be no different with the girls curious about Flat Earthism.

While the premise is well known, we hope to hit some of nitty gritty and why it is re-gaining a foothold (Shaq for example) when debunked over 500 yrs ago with Copernicus and Kepler. Longer if one considers Aristarchus of Samos.

And, what is up with Lawrence Krauss and Capt Janeway allegedly promoting "The Principle"?

So set your alarms for 930PM (EDT) for BTTP and join us tonight!!
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