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Michaelyn Erickson
Wildly passionate, earth-centered, organic, food crazed farmer chick!
Wildly passionate, earth-centered, organic, food crazed farmer chick!

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What To Do With Climate Change Stress
We are animals, there’s no way around that. We have the instinctual reactions of our animal ancestors within us in the form of fight or flight stress responses. But our stress today is different than anything our ancestors faced because of our ability to kn...

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The Rabbitry
Photo Credit: There is an elephant at the Permaculture Homestead, in my opinion…and it’s something that not many folks I’ve encountered like to even talk about. If you’ve read our posts, you’re aware by now that we are passionat...

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Carnivorous Appeals to Antiquity
We here at Soulstice Gardens have been experiencing a lot of mixed feedback regarding our choice to abstain from eating animal flesh. It has all got me to thinking about meat in our culture, the new carnivorous fad diets that make meat-eating seem like the ...

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5 Amazing Ecological Restoration Projects
Many people view the best response to climate change as inaction as if humanity should stay out of nature's way and stop interfering. Our growing world has growing demands for food, water, and other natural resources which seem at odds with conservation eff...

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Traditional Foods
In recent years, a fad has hit American dieters. It’s the caveman diet or the ancestral diet, the Origins diet, Paleo diet or whatever you call it. It is based on the theory that what our ancestors ate has shaped our physiology and therefore will be the bes...

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5 Unknown Reasons Why a Simple Life is a Happy Life
I wonder what my parents were thinking the day I came home from college and said, “I want to put my education to work. I want to homestead!” There may have been a long pause, I can’t remember now, followed by some expertly crafted support rhetoric. I do rem...

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The Vegetarian Agrarian
Whew, it's been a while. I've decided to dust off this old farm blog and breathe new lift into it (so easy mid-winter to say that)! I will attempt to post at least a few times a month, so subscribe!! Of course, follow us on Facebook and Instagram for freque...

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Why You should Eat Organic Twinkies
The other day there was a Facebook post floating around, it
had three skeletons in coffins and each skeleton was reflecting upon his life
with a funny/ironic sentiment. One of them was “I’m glad I ate Organic!” Is eating organic simply a healthy choice? No....

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What is Roundup? MIT Scientists Stephanie Seneff Distills the Truth
What is Roundup? No matter how many 'no spray zone' signs you post around your house, you cannot be free of this chemical. it literally permeates every part of our lives and is found in most human bodies on the planet today. Roundup is a commercial name for...

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