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How to Download Our New App
Earlier today we launched our new mobile app available on all iOS and Android smart devices (phones, tablets, etc.). This is a great tool for our church to keep our members informed and in touch and it will allow us as a community to better pray for one ano...

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Website is moving . . .
Some changes are coming to my website and blog. For the past several months I have been working on transferring everything over to Wordpress. After 10 years on Blogger (almost to the date), I have decided to move on to another host. The transition continues...

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"Simplicity in Preaching" by JC Ryle: A Review
I fear a vast proportion of what we
preach is not understood by our hearers any more than if it were Greek. (5) As a pastor, I wear many hats, but perhaps none is more central than that of preacher. Preaching is a calling and an art that one must impro...

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All Around the Web - August 7, 2017
Trevin Wax - Faithfulness in an Age of Anxiety Denny Burk - N. T. Wright offers brief commentary on transgenderism SBTS - 5 Baptist theologians every pastor should read Gospel Coalition - 5 ‘Fake News’ Stories People Believe About Early Christianity Get Rel...

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All Around the Web - August 5, 2017
Joe Carter - 9 Things You Should Know About the History of the Homeschooling Movement Robert P. George - Is Polyamory Next? Thom Rainer - Six Small Tweaks That Make Big Differences for Your Church Website Gospel Coalition - Must I Join a Church to Be a Chri...

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"Beyond the Gates of Splendor" Documentary

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All Around the Web - August 4, 2017
Andrew Walker - NYT Op-Ed: Parents Who Don’t Send Their Kids To Public Schools Are Racist Theocrats Resurgent - Okay, It’s Time to Call Out the Anti-Bible Fools in Media Jason K. Allen - Three Ingredients for Faithful Preaching Tim Challies - Do Not Envy th...

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Letter to the Editor: The Church Should Not Be Taken For Granted
The following is my letter to the editor in last week's State Journal in Frankfort, KY. I recently came across a video of an
historic cathedral in France being demolished. It was only just one of
thousands of churches that have closed recently in that natio...

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All Around the Web - August 3, 2017
Trevin Wax - Augustine the Lover: Sarah Ruden’s New Translation of “Confessions” Denny Burk - Four stages of “evangelical” affirmation of gay marriage Chuck Lawless - 8 Reasons Excellence Must be the Standard for Churches Tim Challies - Two Different Ways t...

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From Lewis's Pen: To Refuse to Forgive
From Lewis's essay, "On Forgiveness" as published in The Weight of Glory : To forgive the incessant provocations of daily
life - to keep on forgiving the bossy mother-in-law, the bully husband, the
nagging wife, the selfish daughter, the deceitful son - how...
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