UPDATE: He has been found, thank you all for your support.<3
My dog Titan has still not returned. Since I am having trouble getting anyone IRL to help me, I would appreciate it if you guise could share this post. You never know, every little bit helps. I don't really have many RL friends and my family lives really far away so any help would be awesome! He was last seen around the intersection of Garland and Jupiter. I live near Garland,about 20 minutes from Deep Ellum. I live in a huge city, I am close to Garland, which is a suburb of Dallas,Texas. I am also 15 minutes from downtown. That intersection that I listed in my post is not even a minute from my house, so I believe that is good location info imo.Here are some pictures to help. Please reshare! My heart is broken guise, seriously, this is a tragedy. If you want to joke around or think this is funny? Do not comment. This dog is my life, he is my child. My heart hurts. :(
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I wish you many good luck to get your dog back, soon!
I will share but you might want to add a little bit more location information?
+Gem Nicholls yeah, but I don't want to give my address out, that is about as much location info as I really care to share. I live in a huge city, I am close to Garland, which is a suburb of Dallas, I am also 15 minutes from downtown. What more do you need? I mean, that intersection that I listed in my post is not even a minute from my house, so I believe that is good location info imo.
OK but I don't even know what country you live in, or state etc.
Cool thanks. I have some texans in my circles hope they see it.
Thank you. I am super stressed and sick about this entire thing. I don't know what to do. I am making fliers but with no one to help, this is really hard. It is times like this that you discover who your true friends are... :/
i think you must pray on our GOD pray that your dog will return in good condition
dear GOD i pray on you that the dog of ms. amanda will return safe she so afraid about his dog pls help amanda in the name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST ...this is my pray AMEN
together, hopefully we will find him!
Neha Pd
Awe! Don't worry, He'll be back for sure! He'd show up in some time.. He loves you just like you do :) Good luck!
Can't help you but sharing this to my extended circles
I feel pain so sorry Don't give up HOPE !!!
Hope your find your dog i would hate to be in that position to.
good luck.. have you contacted all the local pounds and canine charities? wishing you the best.. keep us updated.
My heart just skipped a beat! I have been out looking for my Ti and I come to check in, and there are 53 shares?! OH MY THANK YOU!!! You guise rock!!! <3 I am in such an awful mood but this brought a joyful tear to my eye. I can't thank any of you enough.... :')
I can NOT imagine losing my "kids".... I had to put one down in 2010 and was a wreck and totally worthless for 2 entire days... I don't live by you but I would hand out flyers if I did, in a heart beat... I'll reshare too, but I don't live by you... but hey.. I can spread the word. Praying you find your boy soon!! <3 xoxoxo
Passed the message along...sorry I'm not in the area and can't help more :/ Have you tried the animal shelters in the area?
Also...Petharbor.com has a listing service for lost animals in the area. Maybe you could post his picture there? Good luck in finding him.
Sorry friend :/ Try to go where people say they have seen him and walk around if you don't have a car ask a neighbor to pick you up there, check the city pound, shelters, post posters with pictures of him and your phone number in your neighborhood.. hope you find him.
don't feel bad i lost mine 2 in january
Oh hunny, I'm so sorry about your doggy, poor little guy... I will share this!
I'm talking to some DFW folks today. I can at least ask if they will be in Garland anytime soon...
I will call some people that live near Dallas to see if they can find your dog. I hope he comes back.
I'm in Fort Worth. If I see him, I'll holler.
come on guy.(Travis Washam) Do you have to be a dick?
Beautiful dog. I really hope you find him. Good luck.
I truly feel for you Amanda!! I hope you find him soon! Dont get down, keep your head high!
Definitely will reshare, I hope your dog is home soon..:)
when your screen name is halesatan..those comments are going to pop up
shared and i hope you find him soon hugz
Sarah P
Have you tried posting an ad to craigslist or something about your dog?
Ah, I don't need an apology +Daryl HULK Ivey. Notice he was saying "she" as if this wasn't my thread. I hate when people don't talk directly to me. +Travis Washam just obviously can't take a joke. If "he" knew me, "he" would never say such things. What a cruel disgusting thing to say to a woman that has lost her dog. "He" is a pile of shit and the reason why men can't have nice things. "He"spoils it for other men with "his" ignorance and intolerable cruelty. NEVER has anyone said anything like that about my name. I have NEVER been uncircled due to it, never been talked down to, etc. Everyone that knows me knows I'm super lovable and do not deserve to be trashed talked to. I will not stand for it.

"If the shoe fits." Like I said, obviously he doesn't know me. I posted this public because I was worried about my dog. Not for a fucktard to leave a nasty comment about my dog. I hope you don't have an animal +Travis Washam. Imo you do not deserve the love of an awesome furry lovable creature.

Karma will get you sir. I think I have been a really good friend and person in general, so Karma rewarded me greatly by bringing my favorite fuzzy friend back. Thank you Karma! :)
He is back. He was not sacrificed to the dark lord. LOL. He is back in his mama's arms once more. Damn people are rude and nasty.
Glad the puppy made it home! :-)
I will never forget the elation of having the family pet return home after a week of being missing. Glad your doggy is home!
Please forgive the asshole +Travis Washam. He's one of the pathetic idiots that cannot control the impulsive nature of his incessant need to show the world how fucking stupid he really is. I'm glad your Titan is home :)
Im glad you dog is home Amanda!! I guess they have to take journeys by themselves sometimes....my beagle jada leaves my backyard at will...she'll be gone for HOURS, and then will come back and bark so someone can let her in....the nerve
I'm so glad this had a happy ending, your dog is beautiful! And i know what it is to have such a close bond with one, I love my dog she is my daughter and I would have gone nuts. So happy you are reunited :)
Great news Amanda :) I'm very happy for you and your dog my friend :)
Hope u find him Amanda! I lost my dog Brewskie back in 2010.
I'm glad you were reunited with your fuzzy-child.
Over one-hundred comments in support just goes to show that the one r-tard is just the vocal minority. Have a nice weekend!
+Amanda HaleStorm great to hear that your pup has returned.
- WT Gator from Newcastle, Australia. :)

(I shared because I know I have Texans in my circles)
i feel bad but i live in georgia but i will still share:)
So so relieved for you +Amanda HaleStorm. Please post a pic of his returned self when you can. Give him a treat for me! Good boy!
What is wrong with you people? I don't have many friends IRL bc I just moved to this city about 4 months ago. Another dumb ass. +Tim Sproule eat a bag of dicks. You and +Travis Washam were the only ones that were rude. The only ones. Did he call you over so you could join in on the idiot fest? God, I hope the 2 of you don't have girlfriends...
+Amanda HaleStorm so glad you got Ti back, beautiful! I reshared before I read all the comments hahaha, but eh, now everybody in myy circles can rejoice as well!
Glad he made it home. It probablly feels good to have something that you treasure back to you safe. I couldn't stand the thought of the idea of when i heard my uncle was shot in afghanistan.I thought that i would loose him.I see where you are coming from. Glad he is back.
Oh wow +Gabriel Garrett, though it hurt to think that I would never see my baby again, I can't imagine the pain you must have felt learning that about your uncle. I hope that he is safe and back with you and your family. Losing a member of your family, human or animal, is just painful. I hope your uncle is okay.
He is. He recieved the purple heart for being wounded in combat. I understand that losing someone you love in any sinario is terrible. I understood where you where coming from. To the best of my abilities, I called every one I knew that lived near your town and also ( a month prior to this event) was planning to go to dallas. I understood what your pain was and it relieves my to hear he came back to you. I would be sad if I lost my uncle or any relitive
Thank you for having such a huge heart. You sound like me. I get so involved emotionally when people are sad. I like to help any way that I possibly can. Thank you for having such a kind soul and I am so so glad that your uncle is safe at home .:)
Your welcome. If you have any trouble, you know my search name. Glad he is back. pat him on the head for me.
I made sure to tell him where that loving head pat came from, he really enjoyed it. I even got his chin for ya! ;P
Was he okay when you found him? ( just want to make sure he was okay, it's a habbit)
He had a few marks where he was bleeding. I cleaned him up though and called my vet, who told me as long as he was walking okay, eating, drinking, going to the bathroom, to just give him some baby aspirin and not waste my $$$ on a trip. He was honestly back to normal by the next night. Just being himself now, a silly chunky monkey like always! :D
That's good to hear.I bet he is glad to be back more than ever.Congratulations and if you ever need a favor, I am always a key stroke away.
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