UPDATE: He has been found, thank you all for your support.<3
My dog Titan has still not returned. Since I am having trouble getting anyone IRL to help me, I would appreciate it if you guise could share this post. You never know, every little bit helps. I don't really have many RL friends and my family lives really far away so any help would be awesome! He was last seen around the intersection of Garland and Jupiter. I live near Garland,about 20 minutes from Deep Ellum. I live in a huge city, I am close to Garland, which is a suburb of Dallas,Texas. I am also 15 minutes from downtown. That intersection that I listed in my post is not even a minute from my house, so I believe that is good location info imo.Here are some pictures to help. Please reshare! My heart is broken guise, seriously, this is a tragedy. If you want to joke around or think this is funny? Do not comment. This dog is my life, he is my child. My heart hurts. :(
April 5, 2012 (5 photos)
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