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Went through this with a fucked up GF many years ago. The cure was to dump her ass instead of marrying her. Painful, but not as painful as it would've been if I hadn't come to my senses.
Don't like jealous partners. It's healthy to get a tad green from time to time, but not all the time, extreme creepy jealousy. I have had men get pissed at me and ask me if I even give a shit because I never get jealous. Lol some people I swear.... xD
+Amanda HaleStorm I'm not a jealous person myself. I figure that things will work out however they work out, & there's no point getting all stressed about it. I've had more than one GF get all pissy when they've tried to make me jealous & I've just ignored it.
as the saying goes...
cry a river,
build a bridge,
and fucking get over it!!!
I find jealousy destructive. The important thing is to make the person you're with feel valued, loved, and appreciated.
+Amanda HaleStorm i was an only daughter and because of this i was my dad's pet. i noticed i was already possessive since young. i had this trait until i got married. the good thing is that my husbands are all possessive like me so there was no hassle.we did not give cause for jealousy
"I guess you think this post is about about you, don't you? Don't you? Don't you?" ;^)
Well, I doubt that you look like Carly Simon, & I don't look like Wossname either. ;^)
You're right there! I look nothing like Carly Simon. Hey, did she ever reveal who that song was about?
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