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The pistol squat.
One of the best exercises for you lower body. Unfortunately it's one of the hardest to perform. Requires strength, mobility and balance which is why you don't see people cranking them out at the gym.
You actually need tons of mobility in your ANKLES! Increased dorsi- flexion is for most, the limiting factor. Try snagging a kettlebell like I am here to help your range of motion.

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L Sit
You say you do it all in the gym? You have the strength of a linebacker, endurance of a crossfitter, and a physique that belongs on GQ? So you should have no trouble with the L sit:
Did your body do what mine did the first time? "You have got to be kidding me, that was tough"! L sits challenge nearly everything and I don't see them near enough in the gym.
This move includes activation of hip flexors, which are tough to "get working". It teaches your core and lower back muscles to play together and creates strength and stability in your shoulders.
Before you try the L sit try just lifting both knees off the floor with straight arms. When a 30 second hold becomes a cakewalk, lift one toe of the floor keeping both knees bent for 15 sec, and repeat on other side. When that gets easy keep both knees in but now straighten one leg out for 15 sec. Mastered that? Now you are ready to stick your L Sit!
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Your body is your best piece of equipment when it comes to fitness.
If you are pressed for time or don't have access to hit the gym, don't let this stop you. Staying late at work doesn't have to cost you another missed gym session.
Here I am in the mountains of Colorado using what nature has provided to crush a total body workout.
Warm up: 
Run up the mountain (10 minutes)
Skill work:
Handstand practice (5 minutes)
Strength/Met Con:
3 Rounds Every 5 Minutes for 15 Minutes 
-45 second hollow body
-Stride up 80 yards of stairs (brutal)!
-10 "Twinkle toe" Handstand Push Ups
-10 Pistol squats
4 Minute Tabata (20 sec of work. 10 sec of rest. Repeat 4x).
-Push ups
-Double jacks (Plyometric jumping jack)
Cool down:

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Pain is temporary, quittin' last forever.

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Gymnast are perhaps the strongest people I have ever met.
It's not all about picking up heavy loads or being able to bench 350. Myself included when I trained gymnastics I didn't lift weights and did body weight exercises, and got STRONG!
Exercise Selection for "Push Day"
-Push Ups
-Inverted Push Ups
-L Sit
-Shoulder Stand (follow my program to land this one)!
Exercise Selection for "Pull Day"
-Pull Ups
-Chin Ups
-Tuck Roll Chin Ups
-Inverted Hang
It just goes to show that you don't need tons of equipment to be strong and muscular. Now, not just anyone can mount a set of rings and perform (the exercise selection I mentioned). A systematic program takes you through the progressions of the exercises and makes anything possible, even the 1 arm handstand.
Want to stick a 1 arm handstand? Do a ring muscle up? To gain more knowledge on how like my page and perhaps inquire on my programs!
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