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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1103 W Main St Urbana, IL 61801
1103 West Main StreetUSIllinoisUrbana61801
(217) 328-2001
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"He knows a lot" All bike store owners know a lot."
"I thought he just wants me to buy a new bike at his shop instead of any others."
"I just called this place to inquire about fixing a flat tire."
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Ryan Davis
a month ago
I noticed the store was open as I went past the riding my bike. With the hours I work I never see the place open. I had today off because of Holiday. I walk in he says "where your bike?" "Just outside. ." "Can I help you with anything, are you looking for anything in specific? " "No, I've just never been here before and wanted to stop in and see what all ya got" "Are you looking for anything in specific? " "No I just wanted to check out the place. ." "Well if you're here to kill time, then you're wasting mine" He then stepped towards the door and wanting me to leave and so I did. Normally I am not the type to make reviews but this is the worst I'll probably be treated in an establishment in my entire life. He didn't know that I work full-time and make good money and would be interested in giving him my business in the future. To those of you defending him. Yes he may be a good person at the core, but his attitude is poor. His prices are not worth making up for his attitude. "He knows a lot" All bike store owners know a lot.
• • •
Carolyn H.
a year ago
If you're coming here to feel special, valued, and beloved as a customer, you've come to the wrong place. Go visit your momma if you need someone to provide you with such affirmations. Bruce is an expert bikesmith who may insult you and treat you like crap if you're not taking proper care of your bike, but he'll do excellent work on your bicycle at a fair price. The high-quality commuter bikes in his shop generally fall in the $300-$500 range. If that seems like a lot, consider that owning a car usually costs more than $9000/year! Illinois is flat: buy a bike.
• • •
Dongjing He's profile photo
Dongjing He
a year ago
The rudest people I have ever met in the C-U. I bought a Schwinn bicycle costs 200 dollars from target. But the handlebar is loose. Because I was far away from Target but near to his shop. I went to his shop. He didn't want to repair my bike, even he just need to tighten a screw. I wanted to borrow a tool and fix it by myself. He refused. I would like to pay for repairing. He told me I should pay 100 dollars for the re-assembling. He insisted that my bike is not a good one, I should get the refund and buy a new one. I thought he just wants me to buy a new bike at his shop instead of any others. He was quite rude that even yell at me that how many times I should tell you that I can't fix a bike for you. Very disappointed about his personality, really un-helpful. Worst ever.
• • •
John Nelson's profile photo
John Nelson
3 years ago
I went in to Bikeworks today fully intending to buy 2 used bicycles, one for myself and one for my girlfriend. I wanted to support a smaller shop, so I went in here, despite the shabby looks of the place. The grungy little man that works there seemed to be angry with me from the start, and for no reason. He treated me like I was a huge annoyance. I explained that I don't know much about biking but am interested in getting started. I asked some questions, and rather than answer them and walk me through the basics, he treated me like I was stupid for asking. He tried to talk me into purchasing bikes that several hundred dollars above the price range I gave him. I actually walked out while he was still talking at me, something I've never done before. He lost 2 sales today. What a jerk!
• • •
Jim Witkiewicz
a month ago
Customer service is terrible please avoid. Better off going to other local bike places that offer better prices and a better experience.
Christopher Smith
2 months ago
Very rude on the phone, then hung up without saying goodbye
Michael Tasch's profile photo
Michael Tasch
a year ago
Walked into the store looking to buy a new bike and immediately felt like I was being interrogated by the old man. Looks like he was busy repairing bikes and I was an inconvenience to him. He was probably pretty backed up with it being the summertime and him apparently having no staff on a Saturday. He asked me what kind of bike I wanted. I told him I wasn't sure exactly and was browsing for different models. I asked him if I could look around and he was like "I guess, can't tell you the price on every bike in the store" as if I asked him that in the first place. Price tags might solve that issue. I started to look at the bikes and someone walked in about a repair job. He was talking to the customer. I started to look at the bikes and check out the mechanicals and parts on the bike. I gently picked up a bike to check the weight and he told me not to touch the bikes. I was seriously considering buying the bike. It had premium parts and was a decent deal. However, dealing with him any longer was unbearable. He must have some minor case of Autism or something. Looking at some of the other reviews on hear; I notice people were defending him a lot and noting his master bike skills. There are a lot of master bike mechanics in the area. I don't think it is worth putting up with horrible service for his apparent skill level. The bikes were good and priced competitively. I can only imagine if I bought the bike and needed a tune up or something wasn't right. Dealing with him would be impossible. He looks really backed up on service so I wouldn't expect fast turn around. I am not a university student bringing in a Schwinn from Wal Mart. I own about 4 bikes and appreciate premium bikes. This business could really benefit from a good sales rep and some organization. There is about 10 bike shops in Champaign not including walmart and target. I would check those out first. The guys at the bike coop are really helpful too.
• • •
Stephanie Hennelly's profile photo
Stephanie Hennelly
2 years ago
Bikeworks is like a golden jewel that I wish I'd stumbled onto earlier. I could have been saved a lot of time, money and headache. These bad reviews seem to be coming from a generation of people who are accustomed to people kissing your butt and begging for a sale. Why do I like the old man at Bikeworks? Because he isn't BSing me. He knows his bikes. He isn't pretending to be nice to try and wheedle a sale out of me. He's honest. He doesn't overcharge. And oh does he know what he is doing. Oh, and strangely enough, I struck up a good long conversation with him while my better half tried out two bikes. He is VERY friendly. I don't know what some of these other reviewers are talking about, but he was nowhere near rude to me OR my fiancé. Was he bending over backwards and brown-nosing me for a sale? Hell no (do these college kids REALLY expect that so much?). Did he immediately show us two excellent bikes and wait patiently while my fiancé decided between the two, and tried them out for an hour, even past closing time, all the while chatting with me and answering questions? Yep. He got almost $500 for a bike that my fiancé absolutely adores, and I sincerely hope that he's around for years to come -- and that I get the chance to support his business many more times in the future.
• • •