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A Note on Photography | Workshops with Carole Poirot
(The Space) I recently had the pleasure of attending a photography workshop run by my brilliant friend Carole Poirot. Carole and I have worked together for a few years now on tea projects for JING and I have always admired her incredible skill of creating s...

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Earl Grey Truffles | Celia's Saucer
There's nothing easier but as impressive as a chocolate truffle. Especially when it's infused with sweet, uplifting Earl Grey tea. It makes a great gift if you're low on budget but want to create something with a little love and not a lot of time.  Simply: ...

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The Old and New of Faversham | A Weekend Walk #22
I first visited Faversham about ten years ago and marvelled at how beautiful the architecture was, how plentiful the charity shops were – rife with treasure – and what a pretty little town it was. “What are you going to Faversham for?!” cried Canterbury loc...

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Cauliflower, Porcini Mushroom & Sage Soup | Celia's Saucer
Ok, I know it's technically still the height of summer but it's turned awfully chilly again this last week and I think soup is in order. Truth be told though, I always think soup is in order. So here's a quick recipe for cauliflower, porcini mushroom and sa...

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The Sondes Tea House & General Stores | Selling | Kent
When an old friend, Claire, told me she had opened The Sondes Tea House and General Stores  after a few long years looking for a new project (having reluctantly moved on
from Badger’s Hill Farm in Chilham) excitement welled up and I gave an audible cheer.

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The Gardener's Rose | #CapturedInWords
The gardener pruning for the prize he was told to want, doesn't see the whole garden, but his rose he feeds by day and by night, without stopping to feed himself, or another.  The gardener who pricked his hand by a thorn so punishes, withdrawing for days wi...

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Rose and Cardamom Biscuits | Celia's Saucer
I've always loved roses. For many nostalgic reasons: it's was my nana's name (and part of my middle name), for all the times my best friend and I would pinch them from neighbouring gardens and crush them into an oil that we'd dab on our wrists as if we were...

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24hrs in Seasalter and Whitstable | Kent
It’s not hard to find an excuse to get out to Kent. Cheap
rail fares (if you invest in a Network Rail Card which gives you a third off
travel), a fast journey, and before you know it you’re in the garden of England
and that means you’re not far from the coa...

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The Jester | #CapturedInWords
The gardener, the sailor, the fiddler  Flash the jester None the truthful man  Yet or ever  Just refraction Illuminating my reflection  An echo-light of reminders Sets down this anchor Straying never never Give, but not yourself away For nothing, no one, ever

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Peanut Butter & Salted Caramel Tart | Celia's Saucer
There are few things that take me back to my childhood as much as salty peanut butter and chocolate - the smell is intoxicating and makes my heart race with excitement. All of a sudden I am five years old and it's Halloween in Massachusetts.  The leaves hav...
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