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Ian Mansfield
Daily compiler of nouns and vowels into prose at cellular-news
Daily compiler of nouns and vowels into prose at cellular-news

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T-Mobile USA is now describing its network as "wicked-fast".

Down wiv da youth. Innit.

I notice that the footer at the bottom of Vodafone Egypt's website still thinks its 2011.

My email box over the next few weeks....

This week - We're announcing new things at MWC
Next week - Here are our new things at MWC
Week after - Lots of people were excited by our new things at MWC.

Much later -- Did you write about our new things?

I think Ericsson have a new person writing their press releases -- content light and fluff heavy.

Wish they would bring back the previous person.

Japan's NTT DoCoMo isn't a mobile network any more -- it calls itself a "personalized mobile solutions provider for smarter living,"

Why do press releases keep describing Qualcomm Technologies as being "a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated".

I mean, who else would it be owned by?

"expanded revenue-decreasing factors brought by the company’s year-round efforts to alleviate customers’ cost burden" <-- what?

There are few things more annoying than getting a statement from one company about a deal, then getting another later from the same firm announcing a similar deal.

What should be one story is by dint of the time gap, having to be split into two.

Orange’s Fab Accelerator program has transitioned into onboarding startups for their second season. <-- My PR bollockometer just broke.

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