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Grant Cardone

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Grant Cardone has creative ways to launch book sales, create buzz before release date and ensure audience reads and reviews the book. Cardone is delivering his seventh book (already #1 release at Amazon) before launch date in full video to anyone who purchases one book at his website. This program sells for $500 at his site and he is giving access to people today. Then he is offering 100% credit for the purchase when the person later reads and reviews the book. If that's not enough he is then delivering thirteen coaching sessions to everyone who bought the book three days after book launch giving most of the audience time to receive their hard copy.

Would you spend $29 to get $500 program and then write a review to get your money back with the bonus of joining a mastermind group led by best-selling author of 19 sales and business programs and books?

How to get Be Obsessed or Be Average today + $500 for FREE?

For those of you who do not want to wait until Oct 13 for Cardone's newest book Be Obsessed or Be Average he is going to give access today to a thirteen-hour video series where Cardone personally covers the book in detail. This project took six days to record and is for sale for $495 at his site. You get the video series today for free today when you purchase one copy of the book at

If you have already bought a copy from Barnes & Noble Books-A-Million Target you still get the 13 coaching sessions I promised which will start on Oct 16 and run each day through Oct 26th. This will give you time to receive the book.
If you want access TODAY to the video series and be one of the first in the world to have access to this simply order one copy at the link and you will get:
1) Hard copy of the book (Oct 13 ship date)
2) 13 Mastermind Sessions (Oct 16)
3) Thirteen-hour video series (Today)

So how do you get it the book for free, simple, once you receive the book and read it, write a review. Regardless of where you purchased and regardless of the rating of the review, send Cardone a copy of your review and receipt and he will give you a credit for the FULL amount at my site against a future digital product.

Send copy of your review and receipt to (yes that's his email)
Thanks and BOBA- GC

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Grant Cardone

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Thank you to all my friends who ordered Be Obsessed or Be Average - here is a gift for you #GivingTuesday #BeObsessed
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Grant Cardone

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Best Selling Author Grant Cardone discusses the relationship between time and money on The Cardone Zone - at

#Time   #Money   #Business   #Economics   #entrepreneurs  
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Grant Cardone

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Grant Cardone TV entrepreneurial digital network invited to cover +DonaldTrump Rally in Miami. Cardone talks about politics, business, media attention, #HillaryClinton #DonaldTrump #MarkCuban  
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Grant Cardone

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Every Monday veteran Real Estate investor Grant Cardone delivers Real Estate Investing Made Simple - today 5 Reasons to buy Apartments
#RealEstate   #Apartments   #IncomeProperty   #NOI   #Leverage   #Inflation   #Bubbles  
Why does Grant invest in real estate? Before you do anything, whether it is getting married or just getting a pet, you need a reason. You need to know why you are doing something. Here are reasons Grant—and you—should invest in multi-family real estate: 1.Dependable cash flow. 2.Multiply money. 3.Low cost of debt. 4.Inflation hedge. …
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Grant Cardone

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Grant Cardone will be delivering a Live Seminar online on Saturday, September 17th at 11 AM EST. He will be covering...

Persist Until You Close:
• How to ask one more time...
• Why persistence is professional...
• How to have a deep arsenal of techniques...
• How to use role playing to train...
• Why you must be able to reposition in a close...

Handle These Objections:
• The price is too high…
• I can get it cheaper somewhere else…
• The payment’s too much…
• Need to shop around more…
• Need to talk to my spouse….

Becoming a Master Closer:
• The difference between performing and mastering...
• The science of the close...
• How to create your own economy...
• Why the End Game is the close...
• The Critical Exchange Point...

You only have a few hours left to register at
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Grant Cardone

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NY TImes best selling Author Grant Cardone offers 13-week live mastermind that he personally teaches to thank all who pre-ordered his newest book Be Obsessed or Be Average.

#BeObsessedOrBeAverage #books

+Amazon Books +Barnes & Noble +Target +Books-A-Million 
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Grant Cardone

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Grant Cardone

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Best-Selling Author Grant Cardone Releases His 7th Book, Be Obsessed or Be Average

Grant Cardone, international sales expert and NY Times best-selling author, has just finished writing his seventh book Be Obsessed or Be Average, which has already hit #1 New Release on Amazon for Entrepreneurship, Personal Finances, and Business Motivation & Self-Improvement. Cardone’s previous books include Sell or Be Sold, The 10X Rule, If You’re Not First You’re Last, The Closer’s Survival Guide, and The Millionaire Booklet.

Be Obsessed or Be Average is written to show people how to use their obsessions for good, how to become addicted to success, and to encourage those who have been labeled as ADD, ADHD, OCD, etc. Be Obsessed or Be Average explains that anyone can become super successful, but people must give themselves permission to be obsessed with the right things. Cardone, who has accumulated well over $100 million, tells us how obsession saved his life from the very beginning of the book.

“When I finally learned how to use my obsessions rather than make excuses for them my life exploded. In Be Obsessed or Be Average I will show you how to flip your so-called problems into the gifts of genius and the energy necessary to fulfill your purpose and unique reason for even existing.” - Grant Cardone
According to Cardone, obsession is your only option. He advocates the idea of why you must be a control freak, stay dangerous, and over-promise while over-delivering.

Cardone takes readers through the lessons he learned in his own life that propelled him from drug addiction to mega successful entrepreneur.
The book is being published by Penguin Random House and copies of the book are on pre-order from, Amazon, Target, and signed copies are available via Barns & Noble.

The author is donating his proceeds from the sale of the book to Drug Free World and Drug Free America, two non-profit organizations that bring awareness to the issue of the excessive drugging of children, teens, young adults and seniors.

For bulk orders or library donations, please call 310-777-0255.

About Grant Cardone:
Grant Cardone is a business strategist, marketing and branding expert, the leading international sales expert in the world and best-selling author of five books. Cardone owns multiple companies; Cardone Training Technologies , Inc., Cardone Group (a software and technology business), Grant Cardone TV (online media, and Cardone Acquisitions, a national real estate company which currently owns over 3,500 units throughout the United States.

Cardone is the world's top sales training expert with the most viewed online sales training site in the world today with over 1500 segments of content used by companies like Ashley, Aflac, All State, Google, MIT, Inside Sales, Udemy, Chrysler, Toyota, Morgan Stanley, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, Fran Tarkenton Companies and thousands more. You can follow Cardone on Twitter @GrantCardone or visit

Miami Beach, FL (PRWEB) September 22, 2016 -- Weeks before it's public release, Be Obsessed or Be Average has already become the #1 New Release on Amazon for Entrepreneurship, Personal Finances and Business Motivation & Self Improvement
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Grant Cardone

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Grant Cardone, New York Times best-selling author's newest book, Be Obsessed or Be Average is already the #1 New Release in Entrepreneurship on Amazon. The book releases to the public on October 11th! Make sure to pre-order yours today and get access to an EXCLUSIVE 13-Week Coaching Program delivered by Grant Cardone.

Pre-order today at
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Grant Cardone

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Grant Cardone delivers LIVE 5-hour live seminar on Mastering Objections. Cardone considered a sales legend in Sales Training working with some of the largest Sales organization in the world. His name is synonymous with legends like +Brian Tracy +jeffrey Gitomer  Tom Hopkins ZigZiglar and more.

Cardone's is author of seven best-selling sales books and another dozen sales training programs that have sold millions of companies releases his newest program Mastering Objections. Over 5 hours live, and a Rebuttal Manual over 200 pages long.
These tools will show you how to handle objections, become a better close and a top producer. Includes: 5-Hour Live Master Class with Grant Cardone 50+ PageMastering Objections eBook 200+ Grant Cardone's Rebuttal eBook 15 Videos on Handling Specific Objections Play-by-Play Breakdown - From Cold Call to Close on Video
RICK LAWSON's profile photoWilliam Huelster's profile photo
You delivered. You brought the thunder. You were like Moses with his staff man. I'm launching a new career, and I"m going to dominate this sales industry. in 6 weeks, I'm going to provide you with the best testimony you can get. (not that you need one, but I'm interested in providing value to you)

Thanks uncle GC
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Grant Cardone

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Grant Cardone Dummy challenge - Being a dummy is a guarantee, staying a dummy is inexcusable. Who here can say they haven't been a dummy?
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Success is your duty, obligation, and responsibility.
I am a NY Times Best Selling Author, internationally-recognized Sales Training Expert, Business Coach, and the Founder and CEO of 3 businesses: Cardone Training Technologies, Cardone Group, and Twin Capital Management. You may have seen me as the star and co-executive producer of a show, called TurnAround King.

In addition to speaking internationally to individuals, companies, and industry leaders on sales effectiveness, negotiating strategies, business development and business expansion, I am a regular contributor to networks including, Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC, Huffington Post, Business Week’s Business Exchange, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Reuters, CNBC, Today Show and over 600 radio shows.

I am the author of four published books, with a fifth book slated to release in 2012.
• "Sell To Survive" (2008): The definitive sales survival manual on how to SELL your way through any economy.
• "The Closers Survival Guide" (2009): The ultimate guide to getting sales done.
• "If You're Not First, You're Last" (2010): Sales strategies to dominate your market and beat your competition.
• "The 10X Rule": Where to start, what to do, and how to follow up each action you take with more action to 10X your success!

I have also authored a number of business and motivational audio and video programs; The Rules of Success Motivational Program, Control Without Confrontation, 21st Century Selling, Maximizing Every Opportunity and a customized program for the auto industry called The One a Day Sales and Management Program.

I first became known in the business world with the development of a revolutionary new selling process, known as, Information Assisted Selling (a non-confrontational 21st Century selling approach)

Be sure to check out my state-of-the-art, interactive virtual training center that brings innovative sales tools, technologies and solutions to life!

Close the deal from your fingertips with my newest app development: Close the Sale App!

Bragging rights
NY Times Best Selling Author. Provided commendations by Senate, Congress, City of LA for community work. Also awarded by Governor of Ky for work on bank reform bill called Brownback Amendment. In 2011 I was awarded Distinguished Alumni from McNeese State University.
  • McNeese State University
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My wife Elena Cardone just bought a car from the people at Rick Case automotive. The people at this group took exceptional care of my family. They made the process painless and easy and provided my wife with all the data so that I didn't have to get involved. They first took the time to assure her that the car she has selected was right for us and then provided price and terms that were BETTER than she could get anywhere else. The service that Richard Bustillo,Jack Jackintelle and their group should be the model used by other auto dealers. Thank you very much for making a complicated purchase simple.
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I have been working with BHG Group for almost two years and they have exceeded my expectations. I could only wish that ALL companies would deliver the way they do at BHG. Grant Cardone
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