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Grant Cardone

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Grant Cardone speaks at +Nasdaq on the importance of getting rich.
Uses success of +Facebook +Google+ +Starbucks Coffee and other super successful companies to validate.

Cardone with family shares one hour of why the middle class is a myth and Millionaire is the new target.

#Google   #Facebook   #Starbucks  
Grant Cardone speaks at the Nasdaq Leadership Program to give powerful strategies for success to new graduates and business leaders in Times Square. The intensive, interactive event was part of the Social Entrepreneurship Graduate Class to help people get a career jump-start with rare creative insights from top influencers in business, social media, marketing, and …
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Grant Cardone

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The 10X Rule. Top 5 Summer Reading for Entrepreneurs.

Stop wasting time at the beach until you've earned it.
Summer is here and whether you are packing your bags for a getaway or staying at the office, here are five books to add to your reading list this season....
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Grant Cardone

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Grant Cardone and Elena Cardone talk about Family and Finances
on The G & E Show
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Grant Cardone

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Join me in a petition to fire Robert A. McDonald as Secretary of the VA for suggesting American Veterans waiting for treatment is like people waiting in line at Disney Land.

Robert McDonald was nominated by the president and unanimously voted in by 97 Senators.

One of the biggest regrets of my life is not serving in the military. So when my friend Neil Cavuto at Fox News asked me to come on his show and comment about Robert McDonald’s comment in which he said, “the speed of service at the VA is not a major issue.”

I told Cavuto, “The lack of speed by any organization is an indication of two major issues, even bigger problems: 1) A lack of caring, and 2) no one is being held accountable.”

Help me put pressure on the people that nominated McDonald to hold him accountable. Then, if they refuse to hold him accountable we know they don’t care.

I care greatly about our military and do what I can, when I can, to stand up for them. After all, they put their lives on the line for us. I believe you care too... so please help me with this.

Sign this petition to fire Robert McDonald and send a message to all politicians - ANYONE WHO REFUSES TO TAKE CARE OF OUR VETS WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

Facts about the VA:
• Over $103m in bonuses paid out to VA employees last year
• VA budget is $182.3 billion for 2017 with $78.7 billion as DISCRETIONARY
• 307,000 Veterans died while waiting for care
• Average wait time for VA care is 112 days
• 494,690 Veterans are still waiting over 30 days for care as of May 1, 2016
• 6,703,520 Veterans are scheduled for care from the VA as of May 1, 2016

And tell your Vet Friends, Grant Cardone supports the troops. We recently gave over 1000 Veterans FREE access to Cardone University. Let Veterans know they can get access at

#veteran #petition #healthcare #freedom #rights
Join me in a petition to fire Robert A. McDonald as Secretary of the VA for suggesting American Veterans waiting for treatment is like people waiting in line at Disney Land. Robert McDonald was nominated by the president and unanimously voted in by 97 Senators. One of the biggest regrets of my life...
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Grant Cardone

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Competition is for Sissies

Many centuries ago Alexander the Great was presented with an extremely difficult problem—an intricate knot with its end hidden. The legend says that the knot was to be untied only by the future conqueror of Asia. How would you begin to untie a knot that you can't even see the end of? Big, complicated problems require bold solutions. Alexander sliced through the knot with his sword—destroying the knot entirely.

What is your biggest challenge?

• You can’t get that girl on a date?
• You live paycheck to paycheck?
• You can’t close deals at your job?

Every problem has a solution. Basil King is quoted as saying, “Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid!” The actual saying was, “Go at it boldly, and you’ll find unexpected forces closing round you and coming to your aid.” Today you need to get bold.

When I started with social media I posted maybe twice a day. I don’t know what I was thinking—it was little think. My office simultaneously began sending out e-mail strategies once a month and we found ourselves getting unsubscribe requests from people who wanted to be removed from our e-mail campaign for sending too often. My "friends" suggested I back off. That is when I woke up and came to my senses.

The social media knot could by solved not by flying under the radar—but by launching into orbit. Instead of backing off, I commanded my staff to go 10X. I increased the number of posts to ten times what I had been doing. We started sending out e-strategies twice a week instead of monthly—that’s 8 times a month—and I started tweeting 48 times a day on Twitter, once every 30 minutes! I lost some "followers" but they weren't ever going to help me with my mission—and I gained many, many more supporters in their place.

Sometimes problems are only solved by bold actions. Almost every problem people face in their careers and other aspects of their lives—such as failed diets, marriages, and financial problems—are all the result of not taking enough bold action. I’m talking about going 10X, being relentless, and doing the things that “normal” people don’t consider. The Alexander the Great solved the Knot in an unconventional way—he didn't untie it he cut it in half—literally destroying the opposition. You have to DOMINATE to succeed in the marketplace. Nobody would do whatever it took to solve the problem except Alexander the Great.

The same truths apply to business as they do to life. Be bold with social media, be bold in your relationships, be bold in your career, and be bold to close the deal. Whether you play poker or not we all have chips in life—your creativity, energy, efforts, ideas, and motivation. We can go all-in as often as we want.

You won’t run out of chips in life or use up all of your energy and efforts by committing yourself 100% in all situations.
Most of society discourages the all-in mentality because we are taught to play it safe, protecting ourselves from losses rather than going for the big payoff. Some challenges in life can’t be played safe.

I’d encourage you today to think outside the box and be bold—get on Cardone University and solve those intricate problems that have been keeping you back financially. Let’s face it, if you have a sword but don’t know how to use it, it doesn't do anyone any good.

Be great,

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Grant Cardone

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Watch my live talk at +Nasdaq
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Grant Cardone

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Grant Cardone and Elena Cardone talk about Family and Finances on The G&E Show
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Grant Cardone

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Over 4,000 Universities Are Soon to Be Obsolete

Schools around the nation have been holding graduation ceremonies lately as summer is just about here. In my 17 years of formal schooling, not one course was on success or how to sell. They don’t train children the ins and outs of Internet marketing at your local K-12. Kids are required to read Shakespeare yet when they go out in the real world they have no idea how to make money. I hated school. Nobody likes something that is irrelevant. There are over 4,000 colleges in the US and less than 100 have sales programs or even courses on sales.

Something that isn’t working won’t last forever. In the next 20 years, the world of brick and mortar Universities is going to be shaken.

More and more people are turning to online technology for education. It’s easier to be one-click away from information. People don’t want to be fed a business or marketing curriculum that was put together in 1986. Things are changing so fast today. A year ago Meerkat was exploding onto the scene as one of the first video streaming platforms—now it’s already gone. Today SnapChat is all the rage. How long any of these platforms last is anybody’s guess, but the thing nobody needs is an education from a bygone era.

Learn from the past. Don't be controlled by it.

Universities have to understand the shelf-life of any curriculum they have is not long. As the world changes, students need current and relevant information. Isn't success—how to get it and maintain it—a necessary thing to learn? This is why so many kids dislike school—it’s not solving a problem for them. I know for a fact that Cardone University is worth more than an education at Harvard, Yale, and Cornell. They don’t teach the stuff that I teach. You go to one of those schools and all you get is debt. Go to mine and you’ll learn to make money.

You can get a diploma anywhere, but diplomas don’t get you rich. There are millionaires being made every day in this country, and I’ve outlined step-by-step how you can get there just as I did. The only textbook you need right now is the Millionaire Booklet—and it’s only about 30 pages. And it's not $399 like your Math book, it's $5.

You don’t need a 4.0 GPA this year—you need 4 million dollars. You can have everything you want in life if you just learn how to sell. The knowledge that you’ve received from your education teaches you that the middle class is where people should set their target and you should buy a home, get a decent job, and settle down with $50k to $70k for the next 30 years. Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?

Nobody likes to be lied to. Why didn’t they teach you that you should—that you need—to get rich? Why does the educational system not have courses teaching you real solutions to real world problems? Why were you never taught how to actually make money? Look, if you feel you didn’t get educated properly and now feel trapped, I am offering you a solution. You don’t have to be perpetually squeezed financially in the middle class. There is a way out.

Get on Cardone University and I will give you the education you should have received. If you know a recent grad, get this for them as a graduation gift—a way for them to continue their education. I guarantee you it’s relevant, practical, and it will solve your real world problems.

My cloud based University will never be obsolete because I’m always updating it. Just this week I put in a new Customer Service module featuring two courses—23 videos—totaling an hour and a half of new content.

Check out a few of the other course offerings for yourself:

• Selling Basics
• Understanding the Buyer
• The Sales Process
• Theory of Closing
• Closing Strategies
• Incoming Calls
• Prospecting
• Follow-Up
• Follow-Up Tool
• Master the Cold Call (NEW)
• Customer Service (NEW)
• 100 Ways to Stay Motivated
• Top Traits of Great Salespeople
• Internet Response
• Personal Finance (NEW)
• Handling Objections
• Live Workshops
• Live Weekly Mastermind Coaching Call (NEW)
• And more...

When will you get your financial house in order? When will you become a millionaire? When will you stop living paycheck to paycheck and when will you stop being worried about money? If something causes you fear, it’s because you don’t understand it. If you aren’t a millionaire it’s because you don’t know how to make a million dollars. What you need is knowledge. I’m offering you all the things you need to know to have success on this planet.

Don’t let anyone tell you that money won’t bring you happiness.

They don’t have any real wealth so how would they know? Wealth will give you choices that you only dream about today. Wealth will give you freedom, the kind of freedom that lets you live on your terms and your schedule. I'm offering this $19,215 education for $995 to individuals—REGISTER HERE. The cost of my education is not high right now because I want to help as many people as I can, but it is a commitment you must make.

Nothing of great value is cheap. What more can I do for you to get you on Cardone University TODAY? If you aren’t yet on Cardone U, please comment below and tell me what is holding you back from pulling the trigger. If you are on it, tell everyone your experience.

Be great, because nothing else PAYS.


Grant Cardone is an American entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author, speaker, motivator and online sales training expert. Cardone is a respected, highly regarded master salesperson whose passion is to teach people how to sell themselves, their products and services regardless of economic climate. His books, audio packages and seminars provide people of all professional backgrounds with the practical tools necessary to build their own economies towards the path to true freedom.

“Success is your duty, obligation, responsibility.”
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As well as not everyone is designed for certain aspect's of education.
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Grant Cardone

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Customer service expert Grant Cardone launched a petition today to have the head of the VA, Robert McDonald fired and the petition is getting traction. Cardone is a staunch supporter of the military and has been seen at the Pentagon as a thought leader to provide help in military people transitioning from uniform to civilian life.

Neil Cavuto at Fox News asked Cardone to comment on Robert McDonald’s recent comments saying, “the speed of service at the VA is not a major issue.” Cardone told Cavuto, “The lack of speed by any organization is an indication of even bigger problems: 1) A lack of caring, and 2) no one is being held accountable.”

Cardone goes on to say and the only solution is to find out which one. If the people who hired McDonald won't hold him accountable then they just don't care." Cardone went to his office and put together a petition to find out which it is.

Facts about the VA:
• 307,000 Veterans died while waiting for care
• Average wait time for VA care is 112 days
• Over $103m in bonuses paid out to VA employees last year
• VA budget is $182.3 billion for 2017

If you want to send a message to Washington sign the petition at the link below. It takes less than one minute and then share it with your friends that takes two seconds. These guys and gals gave years of their lives.
Join me in a petition to fire Robert A. McDonald as Secretary of the VA for suggesting American Veterans waiting for treatment is like people waiting in line at Disney Land. Robert McDonald was nominated by the president and unanimously voted in by 97 Senators. One of the biggest regrets of my life...
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Grant Cardone

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Thank you NASDAQ for having me in New York.
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Grant Cardone

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Which book cover do you like the best?

Pre-order The Millionaire Booklet: How to Get Super Rich at TODAY
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Red one.
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Grant Cardone

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Grant Cardone shows behind the scene secrets of book deals with his newest book Be Obsessed or Be Average

#books   #Authors   #BestSellers  
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One well placed promotion is better than 20 bad ones. Energy is for youth. Strategy is for experts.
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Television Host, Executive Producer, Author, International Sales Training Expert and Motivational Speaker
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Success is your duty, obligation, and responsibility.
I am a NY Times Best Selling Author, internationally-recognized Sales Training Expert, Business Coach, and the Founder and CEO of 3 businesses: Cardone Training Technologies, Cardone Group, and Twin Capital Management. You may have seen me as the star and co-executive producer of a show, called TurnAround King.

In addition to speaking internationally to individuals, companies, and industry leaders on sales effectiveness, negotiating strategies, business development and business expansion, I am a regular contributor to networks including, Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC, Huffington Post, Business Week’s Business Exchange, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Reuters, CNBC, Today Show and over 600 radio shows.

I am the author of four published books, with a fifth book slated to release in 2012.
• "Sell To Survive" (2008): The definitive sales survival manual on how to SELL your way through any economy.
• "The Closers Survival Guide" (2009): The ultimate guide to getting sales done.
• "If You're Not First, You're Last" (2010): Sales strategies to dominate your market and beat your competition.
• "The 10X Rule": Where to start, what to do, and how to follow up each action you take with more action to 10X your success!

I have also authored a number of business and motivational audio and video programs; The Rules of Success Motivational Program, Control Without Confrontation, 21st Century Selling, Maximizing Every Opportunity and a customized program for the auto industry called The One a Day Sales and Management Program.

I first became known in the business world with the development of a revolutionary new selling process, known as, Information Assisted Selling (a non-confrontational 21st Century selling approach)

Be sure to check out my state-of-the-art, interactive virtual training center that brings innovative sales tools, technologies and solutions to life!

Close the deal from your fingertips with my newest app development: Close the Sale App!

Bragging rights
NY Times Best Selling Author. Provided commendations by Senate, Congress, City of LA for community work. Also awarded by Governor of Ky for work on bank reform bill called Brownback Amendment. In 2011 I was awarded Distinguished Alumni from McNeese State University.
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My wife Elena Cardone just bought a car from the people at Rick Case automotive. The people at this group took exceptional care of my family. They made the process painless and easy and provided my wife with all the data so that I didn't have to get involved. They first took the time to assure her that the car she has selected was right for us and then provided price and terms that were BETTER than she could get anywhere else. The service that Richard Bustillo,Jack Jackintelle and their group should be the model used by other auto dealers. Thank you very much for making a complicated purchase simple.
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I have been working with BHG Group for almost two years and they have exceeded my expectations. I could only wish that ALL companies would deliver the way they do at BHG. Grant Cardone
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