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Grant Cardone

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Fran and myself will be talking about Rules on Price in our upcoming webcast:

1. Treat Margin Like Family
2. Use Price to Attract 
3. Never Use Price to Negotiate
4. Price is Not Value

You need all the info as an aspiring or established entrepreneur, go to

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Grant Cardone and Fran Tarkenton Live Webcast Wednesday October 21st.
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Grant Cardone

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Stop blaming start training GC

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Grant Cardone

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Love or Hate TRUECar

New and used car dealers have been using pricing gimmicks to drive traffic to their dealerships for years.  Below invoice pricing, no money down, no payments, cruises, toasters, pay your car off, direct mail offers and on and on. Then the sales staff and managers would complain about the traffic generated suggesting it was not qualified, a waste of time and didn't work.   (Failing sales people always tend to always someone else to blame for their failing production.) 

When TRUECar brought their business model to automotive dealers I predicted car dealers would have a love/hate relationship with them.   At first they would love and embrace the concept and be willing to pay for the quality introduction. Later they would accuse the provider of making too much money and giving the customer too much information which didn't allow the dealer to make enough money on the transaction. 

The car dealer that complains about TRUECar charging them $300 for the quality introduction (only paid on sold cars), spends $400-$600 to advertise to unqualified buyers on TV/Radio and newspaper.    And don't forget that dealers has been advertising below invoice pricing, no down payments, subsidized interest rates, and then offer to pay off negative equity on the trade.  

Car dealers if you want to blame TRUECar for a lack of gross profit lets face how do you account for the ads you have run for years where you advertised below invoice pricing.   Hate TRUECar or love them lets face it, 1)  your people don't generate their own traffic and 2) they are not properly trained on how to handle qualified buyer that have information.  

TRUECar introduces you to a customer that is a qualified buyer, that is interested in your product and has enough information to make actually make a decision.   That is a BUYER not just a lead that wants a free toaster. 

The fact that your people cannot make sense of the $800, $1200 or $1800 profit necessary for you to feel good about the transaction is an internal problem.  Give me any qualified customer that has a legitimate invoice price of any car and I guarantee you I will make at least 6-9% over the invoice on ninety-five percent of every transaction.

TRUECar love them or hate them?  Post in comments.
Grant Cardone,  Automotive Insider & NY Times best selling author.

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Love Truecar leads, Our Store will close 18-24% month after month on them. Beyond the close rate, we tend to average a $1000 front end gross. 
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Grant Cardone

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Fear has destroyed more dreams than all the wars have killed people. Don't let fear destroy your life. :
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powerful video.
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Grant Cardone

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For a limited time, Grant will send you three of his books and four audio programs for free including Dominate Your Market DVD valued at $1383!!! But, that's not all! If you order during this special limited time offer, you will receive all 5 of Grant's No Negativity Signs, 1 of each of Grant's 3 signature wristbands, and 3 of each of Grant's Greatness, No Negativity and Success Postcards!!!

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Want to be a multi-millionaire? Use Promo Code: RIPOFF to get this for $495 for a limited time! For a limited time, Grant will send you three of his books and four audio programs for free including Dominate Your Market DVD valued at $1383!!! But, that's not all! If you order during this special limited time offer, you will receive all 5 of Grant's No Negativity Signs, 1 of each of Grant's 3 signature wristbands, and 3 of each of Grant's Gre...
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Grant Cardone

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Call in 305-865-8668 & get tips on how to improve your sales pitch.

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Grant Cardone

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Today I was the Keynote speaker at DigitalDealer19 Conference in Las Vegas.  Mike Roscoe and his team  at Digital Dealer did an incredible job of organizing a phenomenal event where entrepreneurs from the digital space gathered from around the country to learn new ways to use digital and social to sell products.

I spoke to a packed room where 1300 people had traveled from around the country to pick  up tips on how to expand their business with social and digital.  Just prior to taking the stage a car dealer said to me, "that's a lot of people that have come to listen to you Cardone." My response to him was, "I'll bet you I can get 10X the number of attendees in a live stream without notice or advertising."  

I immediately created a LiveSteam on +Facebook using their LiveStream technology that they invited me to use in their Beta Launch.    

17,899 people watched the presentation live and within four hours 36,000 had seen the presentation without booking a flight, a hotel or leaving their computer.  

The world has changed.....have you?
#digitaldealer19   #socialmedia   #Digital   #socialmediamarketing   #Business  
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Now that's 10X'N right there! Freak'n awesome example! 🌟
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Grant Cardone

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In this episode of “Power Players” +Fran Tarkenton, NFL Hall of Famer, Founder of Tarkenton Companies and author of “The Power of Failure: Succeeding in the Age of Innovation” discusses the silver lining of failure.

Fran Tarkenton started working as a young boy with a paper route and got his hands dirty on a chicken farm. He remembers being driven and at a young age and this eventually led him to a successful football career with the Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants. When he retired from football, Tarkenton was a top record holder and earned a place in the coveted NFL Hall of Fame. However, his work off the field has earned him true power-player status. A successful author, NFL all-star, and entrepreneur who has started over twenty successful businesses has also faced his share of failure and it has only motivated him even more.

He acknowledges that these “falls” were not always easy, but his work ethic and ability to rise above helped him become the strong-minded businessman he is today. And in true entrepreneurial spirit, he is working harder than ever and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down soon. Learn what motivates him, his secrets to success and the important lessons he learned from football that help him in business.

#business   #entrepreneur   #nfl   #halloffame   #smallbusiness   #frantarkenton   #grantcardone   #success   #powerplayers  
In this episode of “Power Players” Fran Tarkenton, NFL Hall of Famer, Founder of Tarkenton Companies and author of “The Power of Failure: Succeeding in the Age of Innovation” discusses the silver lining of failure. Fran Tarkenton started working as a young boy with a paper route and got his hands dirty on a chicken …
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Grant Cardone

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When you look at his investment portfolio, it becomes clear that investment legend Warren Buffett is preparing for hyperinflation - regardless of what he publicly says. You should get ready too.
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Proteins derived from plants and furniture depots :D GENIOUS 
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Grant Cardone

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Automotive insider Grant Cardone tells Auto dealers in this months DealerSolutions,, 'You can't blame TRUECar for not closing the sale."  

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Grant Cardone

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During periods of major loss or change, individuals—and businesses—experience a number of stages. Everyone has to go through each of these stages in order to recover and the speed at which you get through them will determine how soon you recover.

Here are the 7 Stages of Business Recovery:

1. Denial – Refusal to believe and accept that things have changed dramatically which typically involve some loss. All efforts and energy are invested in resisting that the conditions have changed.

2. Anger / Blame – During this stage the business or individual is finding a target to blame for the major change or loss. All energy and effort is spent on finding someone, some situation or institution to assign as a reason for the current situation.

3. Bargaining and Hope – This stage involves bargaining and hoping for someone to save them. This is stage is a low level of responsibility. Many businesses are in this phase today as they wait for banks to free up capital or the government to come in and suddenly save the day. This is just another level of denial of the situation and only happens due to not taking responsibility.

4. Apathy – Apathy is a form of quitting or withdrawing. In this stage, the individual or business reaches acceptance that things have changed and no one can save them—and in fact, there is nothing that can be done about it! This results in people moving into major contraction and worsening of their own condition by saving money, energy, resources, creativity and any efforts to figuring a way out. The higher your responsibility level, the shorter this stage will last.

5. False Acceptance and Action – This stage sees a spurt of effort to accept conditions and do something about it, result in inconsistent and reactive actions. This is the first stage of accepting that things have changed, but most underestimate the degree of pain or loss and take actions based on an earlier stage.

6. Disappointment – Similar to the stage of apathy, because the actions used are reactions to the past. This results in unsatisfactory levels of production causing disappointment, confusion, and possible frustration. This stage opens up the business, team or individual for true acceptance of the situation and sets them up with what is required to dig their way out.

7. True Acceptance – This final stage is where the individual, team or company becomes fully aware of the amount of change—for the first time—that has occurred and is now prepared to let go of the past and move into the future. This is the first time there is an awareness of the need for new skills and actions. In this final stage of acceptance, people will experience a reinvigoration and excitement about their business and future. They become highly interested in reinventing themselves and their business.


To go all-in on knowing these stages I had personally conducted over 100 conference calls directly with over 800 business owners, executives and managers in total. The results of those calls suggested that people are commonly encountering these stages and progressing through them. However, the companies and individuals that were taking the time to conference call with me have a higher degree of responsibility, so the statistics that follow are most likely not representative of the general population.

Here are some of the results obtained from the conference calls:

• Almost 80% were more concerned with what they need to do rather than who is to blame
• Over 95% realized, as a result of the conference call, that no one was going to come in and save them (this is a critical realization for moving through the stages)
• Almost 100% of them admitted to being in the False Acceptance Stage and expressed disappointment in the results of their current actions
• The majority of those who admitted to being in the False Acceptance and Action Stage acknowledged that they needed to learn new actions, new skills and new approaches that had to start with management
• 98% agreed that while the economy was problematic, it was not the problem
• Over 90% believed the call moved them through the stages more quickly so that they could reach the final stage of True Acceptance and start taking new actions to achieve new results.

This level of responsibility and action is critical to recovery. If a business, team or individual is in any stage but True Acceptance they are not taking actions on a level high enough to fully recover; they will be too busy using all of their energy and creativity assessing who is to blame. 

Take responsibility. Recover from the loss or change. Reach your true potential. 

Let me know in the comments below which stage you are in, or when you overcame these 7 stages in business.

Be great,

Grant Cardone

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That's good stuff! It seems like I've been through them all, but it's a roller coaster.
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Grant Cardone

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Hiring great people in America is a major issue. I show you that problem in Whatever It Takes the Reality Show
#jobs   #interview   #Careers  
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Without a doubt, I would have blown all these applicants out of the water. (pardon the pun) Grant, thank you. You've opened my eyes to see that my potential is eroding away each day that I sit behind a desk at my present job. 
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I am the author of four published books, with a fifth book slated to release in 2012.
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I first became known in the business world with the development of a revolutionary new selling process, known as, Information Assisted Selling (a non-confrontational 21st Century selling approach)

Be sure to check out my state-of-the-art, interactive virtual training center that brings innovative sales tools, technologies and solutions to life!

Close the deal from your fingertips with my newest app development: Close the Sale App!

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My wife Elena Cardone just bought a car from the people at Rick Case automotive. The people at this group took exceptional care of my family. They made the process painless and easy and provided my wife with all the data so that I didn't have to get involved. They first took the time to assure her that the car she has selected was right for us and then provided price and terms that were BETTER than she could get anywhere else. The service that Richard Bustillo,Jack Jackintelle and their group should be the model used by other auto dealers. Thank you very much for making a complicated purchase simple.
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I have been working with BHG Group for almost two years and they have exceeded my expectations. I could only wish that ALL companies would deliver the way they do at BHG. Grant Cardone
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