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Blast From The Past
Anything you want to share from your Past! "Hold onto your memories because memories don’t change when everything else does."
Anything you want to share from your Past! "Hold onto your memories because memories don’t change when everything else does."


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This is my before and after of my kitchen makeover

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A water pitcher and washing basin seen in an 18th century homestead in CA.
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On a road trip to Yellowstone NP I passed this old house in Paris Idaho and had to slap on the breaks and back up to capture this image. It was snowing with a cold wind. When I shot the photo I had fantasied a picture with torn edges you might have discover in your grandmothers trunk in the attic. When I looked at the photo it was a dull and boring shot. So I laid several stacked filters on it and came up with what I had imaged. 

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Moustache owners of Google+, how is your #Movember  going? 

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Bar Beer  +Blast From The Past curated by +Cheryl Cooper +Mark Rodriguez +Isabelle Fortin #blastfromthepast :- This must have been shot just after the turn of the millenium sometime within 2000. I do know where it was  thought. The city wa Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand and we were sitting in a place called the Bar Beer Center near Thapae Gate. The guy in the white t-shirt standing at the back is my mate Phil. we'd flown over from the UK today along with our friend Dave and were living it up big time. We'd met and got to know the chap in the dark shirt on the far left whilst we were over there. His name was Byron and he also hailed from the UK. His Thai girlfriend (in the yellow shirt with her arm around the dog) was called Max. The other girls in the shot were all Max's friends and they all had one thing in common and that was that they were all profoundly deaf. We got on fine with them all and found it slighltly easier as everything was done by sign language and gesticualtion which sidestepped any language barrier due to our lack of Thai. In the background you can just make out (behind me on the right) the ropes of the boxing ring. Most nights would see bouts of kick boxing being put on for entertainment as the drink flowed steadily into the early hours of the morning. I can honestly say I have no idea who took the photo. 

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Throwback Thursday | Caveman's To Do List

From Go Comics

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