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Device converts urine into drinking water
Hello Today we are going talks about a device which converts urine into drinking water.amazed???but its true.....     Leonardo Manavella has came with a concept device that turns
urine into drinkable water. The H20 purifier, meant for emergency

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How does gyroscope work?
Hello Have you ever thought why spinning wheel does not fall due to gravityit is because a invisible force acts upon a spinning  wheel this force is called gyroscopic force. What is gyroscope ? Gyroscope is a device which consist of a wheel or disc mounted ...

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Top 5 ways to earn money online with very low investment....!
Do you want to earn money or not satisfied with current income,Then you have reached to a right blog. Most of the people of planet earth want to earn money to fulfill  their desires,but many people don't know how to make money.There are various ways to earn...

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Open a smart startup
Starting a low-cost business on the weekend is one of the easiest and most risk-free ways to dip your toe into the waters of entrepreneurship. It only takes your free time, a small investment in marketing materials and business supplies, and some hard work....

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How does GPS work?
The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a network of about 30 satellites orbiting the Earth at an altitude of 20,000 km. The system was originally developed by the US government for military navigation but now anyone with a GPS device, be it a SatNav, mobile...

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AnkerBox lets your rent a power bank instead of carrying one........
Previously seen as heavy oddities and luxuries, power banks or portable battery packs have become essential life savers. While mobile devices become more powerful, batteries become less removable and less capable of catching up. But while battery packs offe...

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What will happen if India shuts down all trade with China.....?
During the recent meeting between both the prime ministers china has promised to help update India’s railway system, establish industrial parks in the Indian states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, and open its markets to Indian products like pharmaceuticals and...

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What is S Bike Mode and How to Use it
Samsung recently announced a new budget smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) and one of the new features announced with the phone is the S Bike Mode. S Bike Mode is an innovative feature for bikers. This feature basically turns off all the notification...

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Urine turned into sustainable power source for electronic devices
Researchers at the University of Bath have developed an innovative miniature fuel cell that can generate electricity from urine, creating an affordable, renewable and carbon-neutral way of generating power.Awesome.......isn't it? In the near future this dev...

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A photographer upcycles street trash into home decor...........
Have you ever walked through any city and you're bound to stumble upon 'street trash.' Everything from boxes of discarded books, old toys,clothes to whole pieces of furniture and more things can be found curbside. It's not a green way to declutter - but man...
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