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How to Be More Selfless Than Facebook Allows
I know many of us, myself included,
feel that Facebook is the end all be all to keeping family members updated on
the goings and comings of our lives.   It
is so convenient right?   It truly
is.   I am not a Facebook hater.   In fact, I update the vast majo...

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When Your 10 Year Old Daughter Is Better At Keeping House Than You
  I was just reading through this little piece I wrote 3 years ago about my 10 year old daughter.  Funny, not much has changed.  She still rocks.  She is still just like this.  This is what I said back then: I was just thinking today, that my
10 year old da...

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How to Not Feel Like Beheading your Co-worker
                  We all
work with a wide range of people.   Some
of them are nice.   Some of them are
Hitler.   I quite often hear things like
“what is she doing with her time,” or “I don’t know why he just doesn’t do
this instead.”                   For

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How to Feel Like Helping Your Spouse When You Were Made to Be Lazy
  Every morning, I try to get too
much done before I leave for work.   I
have 6 kids.  And though I am really only responsible for a couple of them (4
take care of themselves in the morning), there is still plenty to do before I
am out the door.   I have to...

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How to Totally Change Your Relationship With Someone by Doing Something You Hate
off, I think running a 5k race can change your life.   I know it has mine.   I say the 5k in particular because it is
considered the beginners race.   It is
only 3 miles, but it is more than a fun run which is about 1 mile usually.  ...

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What you think while on the road can predict the health of your relationships.
                When I am driving, I see many people that must be different
behind the wheel than they are in person. They are bossy.   They follow too close so as to let you know
that they want to get past you.   They are
impatient.   They do not take turn...

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Could Twenty-Somethings Be More Selfless in Relationships Than the Over 35 Crowd?
          A new study is showing some revealing information about the 20 something crowd.  The study was looking at why various age groups join different organizations.  The results were pretty facinating.  The number one reason people over 35 join an organ...

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A Simple Game To Turn the Blues Around in Your Family!
  The kids were funny this morning. It was a typical Monday morning blues kind of morning.  Lots of cranky kids and parents in our home as we forced everyone out of bed and back into work and school life.  The kids were saying how much like torture it was ...

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Here is The Fifth and Final Need of All Humans
              So far, we have spoken about power, survival, freedom, and
fun as core human needs.   According to Dr.
William Glasser, if we are not getting one of these needs met, we cease to
function very well as human beings.   So,
what is the final need ...

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The 4th Need of All Humans is the Most Fun One
              The fourth
need proposed by Glasser is the most fun need because th 4 th need of
humans is actually Fun.   According to
Glasser we all have an innate need to get enjoyment out of our lives.   If we are unable to have our needs for fun
met, acc...
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