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We're still doing inspections and finding Chinese drywall throughout the states of Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana.  If you've had air conditioning coils fail due to corrosion or if you've seen markings on the back of your drywall indicating "Made In China," "Venture Supply, Inc., mfd in Taihe," "Knauf Tianjin China," or "4 feet X 12 feet X 1/2 inches" call us today.  It's not too late to file a claim.  Our Georgia office number is (678) 799-7676.

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GranuFlo Lawsuits and NaturaLyte Lawsuits

Claims involving GranuFlo powder and NaturaLyte liquid are now being investigated by Doyle Law.  GranuFlo and NaturaLyte are brand names of dialysis agents manufactured by Fresenius Medical Care – the world’s largest provider of kidney dialysis services and products – and used in thousands of dialysis centers across America to treat kidney disease or failure. However, after receiving hundreds of complaints, the FDA began evaluating the safety of GranuFlo and NaturaLyte.  As a result of their investigation of these products, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a Class I recall of GranuFlo and NaturaLyte on March 29, 2012, to revise prescribing instructions. According to the recall, use of these two products can lead to low blood pressure and cardiac arrhythmia. These conditions may to other more serious conditions, including heart attack, stroke, or death.

Early in 2012, evidence surfaced that Fresenius knew of the potentially dangerous side effects of these drugs and took no action.  Fresenius Medical chose not to share this information with their dialysis patients, health care providers, or consumers purchasing these products for use at other non-Frenius clinics.

Fresenius’ internal company memo dated Nov. 4, 2011, detailed data that more than 900 patients had experienced heart attacks in Fresenius clinics during the previous year. The memo states that the company’s medical staff reached the conclusion that patients with excessive levels of bicarbonate in their blood were six times more likely to have cardiac arrest than those with normal levels. The memo also linked GranuFlo use to increased bicarbonate levels and heart attacks.

The growing number of people injured by these dangerous and defective products resulted in lawsuits filed against Fresenius Medical. These dialysis lawsuits claim GranuFlo and NaturaLyte caused severe, permanent injuries and damages including: mental and physical pain, cost of medical care, loss of wages and future earning capacity, and death.  Dialysis lawyers representing plaintiffs allege that the manufacturer “intentionally, recklessly and/or negligently concealed, suppressed, omitted and misrepresented the risks, dangers, defects, and disadvantages of GranuFlo and NaturaLyte.”

If you or a loved one suffered a heart attack, stroke or death either during or immediately after dialysis, you may be entitled to monetary compensation.  The dialysis injury lawyers at Doyle Law can help you to determine whether GranuFlo or NaturaLyte were used during your treatment.  Call our Atlanta office today at (678) 799-7676 for a free consultation with a Georgia GranuFlo Lawyer or Georgia NaturaLyte Lawyer.
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