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Forevva Keysha
IamThaAlpha and thaOmega ~
IamThaAlpha and thaOmega ~


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i feel so much better today :) i am so greatful and happy :) yay for keysha 

Fuck all the memories . I hate It ! I hate it all !!!

I guess..I am jus gon leave mfs alone mann. One minute a mf want me the next shit is different . I make time then im the one wrong fuck niggas all niggas bout to sit back drink n smoke n let my daughter sleep. Fck feeling bad fuck it fuck it fuck it im gone

i hate this fuckin life 

i hate my fuckin life , i just feel like killin myself 

how the hell do three relationships that dont know about eachother. Fail.. 

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Our lil bundle of joy rt there. Mama love child

My baby is sick .. so ukno what i went out and did.. spent spent spent - we got some vapor machines and some vax to put on her chest and warm up the crib and turn off them fans , and we sittin her watching her favorite movies - monster inc . free birds and some other rat movie... i love this lil girl. she talking to me rt now letting me know she loves me for everything i do for her... i love my Flower <3 forever 
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