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Carla Ortega

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The Best song ever <3:

" I used to be the one
I used to be your getaway dreamer
I couldn’t get enough
Thinking that we would last forever
Don’t know what you’re thinking of
Slipping further out of reach
To the edge of town we could go
Away from all the world to see"

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It's time to say Goodbye...

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The title says it all I suppose, the last months I have not blogging anything, for many reasons: lack of time, lack of inspiration, desires and encouragement. The Blogger platform had a lot to offer me at some time but it's not enough for me anymore, nor ca...

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After loong time no posts, here I'm back with another poem called "Crimson Waterfall" hope you enjoy it :)
Después de mucho tiempo estoy de vuelta con una nueva poesía llamada "Cascada Carmesí" que espero lean :)

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In case you missed my last poetry post ;)

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"Glitter and Sequins"
Hello everyone!!!, I'm so sorry have to make quick post, but I'm so busy lately and worse for me, I was sick, still I am :/ ... but I hope to recover soon. While I share these wonderful images from tumblr, I'm obsessed with glitter and sequins on the face, ...

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"Trappist Monks from Tunca"
Some weeks ago I had the chance to visit the Monastery of the monks Trappist in the town of Tunca (Region sixth of Chile). It's a beautiful place full of peace and nature, after silence you can hear the "tricahues" parrots, horses neighing, and other specie...

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<3 this one:

"I used to hate your voice
But I wonder how
You're calling someone else's name right now
Feelings are the worst, talking ain't my best
But now I'm getting something off my chest"

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