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Latest house mix by me.. Guaranteed to boost your mood and move your body. Enjoy!

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Some Video from my haunted house this year..


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Anyone interested in listening to some Psychedelic Trance tracks I mixed a while a go feel free. I posted this a few weeks ago but I just realized it was limited.

TLDR: Anyone that would like to join the DJ Set Review/Tips/Tricks Circle just let me know..

Learning to be a DJ without a solid pier group to bounce ideas off and critic each others styles can be a rough time.

I want to open up the opportunity for aspiring DJ's to have Music Lovers and established Dj's review their sets and critic there style while giving feedback on tips and tricks to help a discouraged newcomer.

I've never heard of this and I think Google+ would be a GREAT avenue to bring Dj's together.

Dj Cja shared a circle with you.

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I'm going to Remove my Halloween Mix from my soundcloud account today so if you need a 1 hour mix of scary sounds you better hurry and download it.



Once I can get the DJ Set Review/Tips/Tricks Circle to a respectable number I'll share the circle to we can close the loop in the network and join everyone together. I'll keep everyone posted.. Please keep sharing my post to get as many people as possible. Thanks everyone so far!

Hey all,
Please share this message with anyone you know that listens to electronic Music and/or are a DJ that is either up and coming or would like to help new Dj's learn the trade.

Please message Dj Cja or email "" to add yourself to the "DJ Set Review/Tips/Tricks" circle in google plus to help out new up and coming DJ's with set reviews, mixing tips and tricks.

I started Djing about 10 years ago and was always challenged with learning new ways to play/mix because my circle of friends didn't really listen to electronic music. I woul like to open up the opportunities for new Dj's in the same situation and allow them to here feedback (Good and Bad)

TLDR :) Keep Electronic Music alive by helping out New Dj's and join my circle
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