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David Gould
Web Creative, Development, SEO and Analytics
Web Creative, Development, SEO and Analytics

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My favorite takeaway from yesterday's #Apple event.


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The latest in a slow, sad fall for a once-promising medical industry entrepreneur.


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A Panda or quality update by Google? Ad-riddled content seems particularly affected.

via +Search Engine Journal #google #seo #contentmarketing

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Some solid tips for digital advertising if you're in a costly, competitive industry like legal, insurance and finance. Plus, bonus Deadpool.

By +Larry Kim 

#ppc   #digitaladvertising  

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Wondering if rich cards are worth the investment or the latest experiment that #Google will eventually abandon.

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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
-Arthur C. Clarke

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Ownership > Renting #contentmarketing
Is your brand a renter? Do you publish your content on someone else’s platform like Facebook, Medium, LinkedIn? Or are you an owner? Does your content live on your property? Do you own your audience and communicate with them directly?

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Facebook softening the "20% Text" rule?

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Uber rebrands. What do you think?

#uber #branding
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