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The 360° plug-in for jQuery

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Isn't she a beauty! And I'm not necessarily talking about the car :)

+Aston Martin used +jQuery Reel with 117 high resolution photographs of this one of a kind car to put together a stunning object movie rotation.

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Reel-powered :)
If you loved the films, why not design your perfect DB9 with the Aston Martin Configurator?

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If you happen to find yourself in the Swiss capital this spring, be sure to visit the Kunsthalle Zürich for Expressionism in Germany and France exhibition to feast your eyes on paintings "from Matisse to the Blue Rider".

7 February – 11 May 2014

Best thing is the exhibition site uses Reel in a very unique way to continuously scroll the captioned paintings!

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Without a doubt, it's the educational uses of Reel, which I like the most. For example check out this visually stunning Hidden Life of The Cell by +Wellcome Trust foundation. Built by UK's Wide-Eyed Entertainment last year, the +jQuery Reel-powered turntable feature enables users to actually see and play with a 3D representation of all cell components in question all the way down into the DNA in the nucleus. Some proteins even move (and walk!).

Take the journey -


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If you're selling a statue for $4,000,000 to 6,000,000 you really want to capture its greatness as best as possible and that is exactly what Phillips New York did. Check out this gorgeously lit crisp shots of Buster Keaton statue by +Jeff Koons. Although just a simple six-frame +jQuery Reel sequence, it does speak volumes.


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With +Bloomberg News explore one of NYC's cardiac cath labs where they implant cardiac stents just like the one I carry in my own heart. From the standpoint of +jQuery Reel this is a nice showcase of stitched panorama enhanced with explanatory annotations, one of Reel's features.


Learn more about annotations at

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The next best thing after being at a car show like Paris Motor Show is using +jQuery Reel to display the car's entire spin on the turntable it is parked on. Over at +Jalopnik they already have a 360-mode tag for these - - so we can be expecting more of these!

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Tutorial with step-by-step instructions on jQuery Reel Formatter by +Yale University on YaleSites. Not that working with this +Drupal module is difficult in any way, but still ;)

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On board of +TYPO3 CMS? Check out yet another sweet tool for you developed by you, the community - +jQuery Reel implementation extension jf360shots by +Jürgen Furrer.

Keep up the good work Jürgen!

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Christmas has come way too early this year! New +jQuery Reel v1.3 has just been released.

Besides usual fixes, and performance improvements, we now have:

+ Javascript-less initialization!
+ Support for gyroscope (where available).
+ New event for animation to frame and stop.
+ HTML5 responsiveness.
+ On-demand initialization option.
+ Improved touch detection.
+ Data values substitutions for URLs.
+ More convenient events interface.
+ Multi-row locks.
+ ...and that still isn't all!

Checkout the full changelog -

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